LONGEST DRIVE COMP Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade SLDR 430

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LONGEST DRIVE COMP Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade SLDR 430
Find out more info 915 D3: http://goo.gl/EVPum1 SLDR 430:
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Titleist 915 D3 Driver
Workable and forgiving, the 915D3 driver delivers distance with trajectory control. The 440cc deep face pear profile provides confidence to manage your trajectory. 915D3 produces a lower flight and less spin versus D2.

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XesserX says:

Wow! Big hits there Rick! Great video 🙂 I would love to see a video where
you test the new Cobra Fly-Z+ and play around with the weight, loft, and
all the bells and whistles it has! The fact that you can move the center of
gravity seems quite clever, but does it actually work? 🙂
Hope to see that soon, keep up the awesome work!

gbvoul says:

Every/Any golf club manufacturer > taylormade

Ricardo Reyes says:

Really good comparison, really good!!! Rick have you thought about doing
a head to head comparison between the RSi 2 and the AP2. that would be very
thanks for talking your time and giving us all this input on golf clubs 

Rob Wilson says:

loving the simulator software Rick.

Alan Bonner says:

Rick what’s going in the bag though?

Sam Durward says:

do you think its worth getting a 915 if you already have a sldr +

chamilitary999 says:

Are these prenium glf ball, the first shot was centered, but the SM was
really low, you’re losing tons of distance

AJ says:

Hopefully only two more weeks left before I got my preordered 915 D3 in my
hand! Any chance you can do a comparison between 913 D3 and 915 D3?

Ronald Kuntoro says:

I also play with SLDR 430 12 degree. Most people on internet forum
commented that this driver is very unforgiving. Not for me, I’m a 14
handicap and I can hit SLDR 430 pretty well. I also like the head shape at
address, reminds me of VR Tour 420, my previous driver. 

Diego Diaz says:

but it was a 12′ loft to a 9.5′ loft… I’d say not bad over 300 yards with
a 12′ loft.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Hi Rick, I guess when you have those kinds of ball speeds, distances could
well be better with one, one day, then better with the other the next day,
and it will all come down to consistency and dispersion, and therefore, a
few rounds of real life golf with the G30/SLDR 430 and the 915 D3 will
dictate which one delivers that consistency the best. Take your time, have
a few rounds with all of them, sometimes, as you know as well as anyone,
consistency can come from confidence as well as just numbers, and
ultimately one will come out on top, in terms of confidence and consistency
in time.

S. SH says:

Rick, what length do you have the drivers at? Thanks.

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

you are fit for the 915 right?

Tom Rouff says:

Loving these ‘course videos’ Rick! But why is it that the D3’s ball speed
and clubhead speed was higher than the taylormade. was that the club or was
that your performace, because otherwise they are identical. 

Tom Cooke says:

If your bad shot is an overdraw then why don’t you have the weight in the
SLDR moved more towards the toe? I know the club can’t do everything but
surely it could help? Have you tried it and not noticed any difference?

Richard Hayes says:

Couldn’t help but notice the extra length in the Taylormade vs. the
Titleist at the end. Not sure how much a difference that 1/2″ is supposed
to make, but it sure didn’t provide enough club head speed to beat the

hbyrdut says:

Would like to have seen the numbers on the screen of both of the middle two
shots at the end for comparison.

ian bainbridge says:

Does hitting off rubber tee affect numbers? On d2 and g30 test you hit from
rubber tee while on this one you used normal tees. When I practice at range
rubber tee just doest feel same.

Manny Ortega says:

Lets see the Ping I25 up against the 915 D3 

Paul G says:

Rick – i was going to say – for your SS, if you could hit the center more
and up that smash factor, you’d be much longer than you are. granted, the
previous was an obvious statement, the 915 is more forgiving than the 430

Chad Nahale says:

Rick good comparison! Did you notice the ball speed on the Titleist was
almost 10mph faster?! But they both went similar distances. Any ideas that
may explain this? It seemed like you hit them pretty solid.

Justin Scheve says:

I love my SLDR 430 but….., now you’ve made me curious about the 915 D3.
Is the Titleist as forgiving or as accurate?

Axiom142 says:

Nice review.

915D3 v JPX850 next?

And, what do you have in your bag?

carl stewart says:

Your preference is Taylor made but titletitlest is better clearly mate
great club !! Wow

Marcus McNamara says:

Rick, would you think the SLDR was maybe more consistant in regards of
distance as the 3 drives were very similar, whereas the 1st 915 strike lost
a decent amount of yardage. Love the videos by the way.

I Know Baseball says:

So rick the titelist has beet taylor made 430 sldr and r 15, so is there
any consideration to put that in your bag for next season?

oskarfahlstrom says:

New simulator software is great. Pennies well spent. 

Mike Quantz says:

Now we need to see the 915 D3 against the new Taylormade R15 430.

spookyfish says:

Great to see you using the simulator software and fairways hit.

Sean Sack says:

I can’t speak for others Rick but I love watching your hard draw shot on
the foresight Rick. It is so sexy lol.

YoHan Seo says:

What Shaft are you using on the 915? 

stumpyslvr says:

Great video rick.Nice to see all the data too.

James Thompson says:

915 vs r15! Love to see that one.

Sean Gilroy says:

cant wait to give this 915 D3 a try

matthewcrabbe says:

Definitely like the simulated fairways.

john anderson says:

I want it!!! Just wish it wasnt $450!

Will Busby says:

Teeing up a little higher there, Rick?

Rick Shiels PGA says:

LONGEST DRIVE COMP Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade SLDR 430
@TitleistEurope @TaylorMadeTour 

Hudson Harris says:

I like the new style 

Steven Pulley says:


cwugrad396 says:

at the end of the video you stood both drivers up next to each other and it
looks like the Titleist is a little bit shorter … if that is the case
then I would be even more impressed that it is longer 

Teamtempo82 says:

Another great video! Your costing me more $$

hawkey100 says:

Rick, can you please do a competition between the Titleist AP2 714 vs
Taylormade RSi 2 ??

jkee1718 says:

Are you putting the D3 in the bag?

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