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Rick Shiels PGA says:



gagakid4 says:

This is starting to get embarrassing for nike, what with parfield and now
you….its getting hammered!! #honestreviews 

TXchadTX says:

everything i’ve seen with nike testing has been pretty bad. Even when i
tested them they just didn’t do it. 

Josh Cloyd says:

Before I watch, I will go with the D3 as the longest standard length shaft
and then the Aeroburner overall just because of the shaft length.

Mark Woods says:

Also forgot about the Callaway XR driver you liked in Orlando

andy o says:

hi Rick, ive played TM drivers and irons for a good while now. last year i
went for ping s55 irons and now the d3 driver… the irons are great! the
driver though is fantastic! i wish i had changed earlier! how much better
do you think rory and tiger would be doing if they had stayed with a
quality maker like titleist????

Amy Scott says:

You said tonight the r15 at 314 yds was a personal best. Not long ago when
you first reviewed the G30 LS Tech you hit it 324 yds. On 7/9/13 in your
comparison between the Covert 2.0 and the Rocketballz StageII you averaged
310 yds with each and hit the RBZ 322 yds. Guess I don’t understand.
Different launch monitors? Some of the older clubs stand toe to toe with
the new tech being tested.

James Heaton says:

haha Nike loses again! Maybe spend less time on marketing and more time on
developing your clubs…

Caltac03 says:

I bought the Vapor due to Ricks reviews, and I’ve hit everything
On the planet , and I’m generally a TM Guy
But The Vapor is by far the most forgiving club I’ve ever hit
And it’s long , and it’s made for any Handicapper ,
Best club I’ve ever hit. VAPOR SPEED WITH DIAMANA STIFF.

Harrison L says:

guessing taylormade will win, they are known for distance. 

Mark Woods says:

go Titleist! What about the Cobra Fly Z +?

gabe soliari says:

Fun review! It seems to me that when all the clubs are built with the same
upper limit (1.5 SF), then strike being equal club head speed wins. I have
noticed in the past the RS has shown a history of achieving higher club
head speeds with the smaller headed drivers. I am actually impressed to
see the higher MOI club (G30) in the same distance range as the D3 and R15,
both of which are 430 heads.

Michael Rolton says:

And how far would Rory drive the ball it if he used the R15 or 915?

David Glasgow says:

Rick – why did you leave the Srixon Z545 out of the longest driver
competition? You killed that in your video review! I’d like to see Srixon
clubs more widely available here in the USA. David

Jan-Pierre Vidizzon says:

Cool video Rick. Since the top 3 were within about 3 yards of each other,
I’d be interested to see you add in the FlyZ+ to compare to the R15, 915D3,
and the G30 LSTec.

Amy Scott says:

Rick, if you get a chance would you please answer and explain how that is a
personal best? And the pic is of my wife, I messaged you and somehow I was
under her name. Lol! And another thing, everyone is passionate about their
fav make and model of club, and you can’t appease everyone but maybe you
could incorporate a way to give previous stats on clubs tested. I’ve seen a
few of the recent posts and people are concerned about the way you hit the
Nike in this vid. You surely have hit the Vapor Pro much better just
recently. But I do know you can’t hit the same club the same way every

Evan Maisel says:

This is a test that would be good to repeat in the near future because in
past videos I’ve seen you hit the Vapor to the point where it would have
been right up there. It would be interesting to see on different days how
the results would differ, especially considering that in independent
testing you hit the Ping G30 LS tech the farthest

Phil Shoebottom says:

This almost exactly mirrors the experience I had a few days ago when
testing drivers. R15 was longest, then D3, then Vapor Pro, then normal G30.
Would be interested to see what the G30 LS tec is like, maybe it would’ve
beat the Nike. But the R15 and D3 seem to be consistent winners.

Billy Nix says:

I would like to see you and Peter play a match with a set of clubs with a
cap of 200$ to spend of your choice on a complete set. Just a thought I
would like to see you and Peter do in the future. I think it would be great
for viewers to see what you guys pick with this budget and it would be a
lot of fun!

Mark Woods says:

Rick, What about the Srixon Z 545

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Proof of two things: The Vapor series is not living up to the hype based on
several reviews and no driver should be anywhere near 46″ long unless you
have a 50+ yard wide fairway. 45″ or less is ideal for distance and

speterj says:

Hey Rick you should do another long drive match-up between all of the new
2015 drivers. Then challenge Pete with the winning club to a long drive

Michael Lindo says:

Great video, Rick. I would love to see the new Cobra Fly Z + go head to
head with some of these drivers. My hunch is that it would hold its own
against the big boys. 

Sven Hallauer says:

I think you should game the G30 LS Tech as it worked best overall, with 3
balls finding the fairway and 2 of them over 300 yards..

Strat TelePaul says:

Based on your play in Florida, I would stick with the G30. It’s almost as
long, and in the fairway more often.

ghurra says:

Just a question Rick, did you not get a massive ball speed with the Srixon
545 if i recall? Why dont you have that in this matchup?


Rick have you ever done a show on different shaft manufacturers profiles in
the same head to show how the shaft affects launch and spin. Thanks Steve

PingDrv00 says:

R15 was pretty good! Which felt the best?

Bobby Desjardins says:

why not include the cobra????

Richard Gregory says:

hey rick where is the srixon z545 and z745 you hit the z545 real well in
your video thanks

Kevin Lick says:

Why wasn’t the Cobra Fly-Z+ included in this competition? Based on initial
reviews of that driver it seemed as though it would be competitive in this
type of test.

Gary Sherwin says:

Definitely going to vote for you to use a Dunlop driver next time you’re
out haha!

Dylan Davies says:

You don’t give the 915 enough credit. It is just as good as any other
driver you use!

Tim Carsberg says:

looks like you are holding the golfing equivalent of a bouquet of roses on
valentines day.

Aj Porter says:

G30 or Aero

Cyril Velasco says:

Why no mizuno love? Where’s the srixion also?

NovaScene says:

Next, most accurate? 20 – 50 balls for one driver and then the average.

jgrove111 says:

Fun to watch with better production value…..nice set of vids on the new

Martin Ritchie says:

Will take the G30 ls tec off your hands if your giving it away

DjSidewayz07 says:

I love see Finchy video bomb these lol

Duane Baumiller says:

Where’s the Srixon? Thanks again for the great videos.

hustlr23 says:

im rooting for the titleist.

Dan Carey says:

Why not include the Mizuno?

tom hanley says:

Rick, what shoes are you wearing? 

David Curtin says:

Where’s the cobra fly-z? You had some good numbers with it :/

Abraham Xiong says:

Cobra Fly Z +…you had great numbers with that club? 

Brian Devitt says:

Like to know the shafts in each Rick.

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