Longest Iron Challenge TaylorMade RSi 1 Vs Callaway X2 Hot

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Longest Iron Challenge TaylorMade RSi 1 Vs Callaway X2 Hot
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29 thoughts on “Longest Iron Challenge TaylorMade RSi 1 Vs Callaway X2 Hot

  1. I dont understand the point of “distance” irons. If all of your irons are
    going longer, wouldn’t you need a couple extra wedges to fill the short
    range yardage gaps? Am I missing something here? 

  2. I’m a little confused, everyine is harping on about length all the time but
    surely the most important thing is length/height combination to enable a
    soft landing and more than that “dispersion”. Its all well and good having
    an iron that travels another 10 yards but the TM was pulled in 2/3 of those
    Hard to tell with only 3 shots hit on each but it doesnt bode well to me.
    (I know Rick said at the start that the only thing this test was about is
    length) but i want to see accuracy tests rather than length tests

  3. +RickShielsPGAGolf why would you not put the Taylormade RSi1 in your bag
    then after the type of numbers you just put up in this video? Is it just
    too chunky of an iron for you? I just started playing golf almost a year
    ago and I am a 10 handicap, hoping to break 80 soon. But I am wondering why
    I wouldn’t put a club like this in my bag after playing the Taylormade TP
    CB’s for the last little bit.

  4. 26 degree 6 iron? I’m playing Ping i5 and the 4 iron is 24 degrees, 5i is
    27 degrees.

    Interesting question though – are the new jacked up 6i’s easier to control
    than the old 4/5i’s? They’re the same loft, but judging by the rsi review
    their 6i will be more consistent than my 5.

  5. Sorry to point this out Rick, but the RSI was a 7 iron even though you said
    both were 6 irons. So for this reason I have disliked this video.
    You really should be giving accurate info when it comes to reviews and
    match ups. Or you run the risk of losing all credibility. 

  6. rsi market as most forgiving club but, the Callaway had much less
    dispersion and seemed to get much closer to target!… +RickShielsPGAGolf are
    you going to review any Mizuno irons?

  7. Thanks Rick. Great review. Great performing club the RSi. Unfortunately
    just looks horrible and such a dry name.

    I’m looking forward to the Big Bertha iron test as you said! 2 clubs longer
    they claim. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, you would have to redo the
    rest of your bag if that was the case. :>


  8. Hey Rick, does this launch monitor actually get your clubhead speed or does
    it only do the ball speed? I’ve noticed in a few videos your smash factor
    is routinely at 1.45 even if you say you mishit one.

  9. I hope you can make a comparison between the Rsi 1 and the nike vapor speed
    I am between these two clubs.
    Forgiveness and distance would be really nice to see.

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