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bmoneybby says:

Going to hurt yourselves haha

Bigsheesh says:

Are those shots spraying all over the range?

Joseph Bery says:

just me or that tee is cemented into the ground 🙂

Mason silk says:

I use a long Tom 3 wood

Mark Metzger says:

You guys should totally try one of the long drive comp setup driver!

Daron Lapping says:

why wont Rick Shiels ever respond to comments? im about to unsubscribe. Love his videos. But he has NEVER replied to ANY questions on his videos. I've tried many times. Quite rude.


Just FYI Longdrive champions use 48inch shafts or less

G Lav says:

I'm brand new to your channel and love it! Question I have is, Pete had a club head speed of 116 & ball speed of 163 with a 251 carry. You had 113 club speed & same ball speed of 163 but had a carry of 266. How are you hitting it farther with a slower club speed and same ball speed?

Jason Vermeulen says:

What about tipping that shaft by an inch ?? Making it a x should help the accuracy a bit. The slightly shorter shaft will help find the middle

Blake Murray says:

I need some advice I am 15 turning 16 soon my driver club head speed is 170-180 Kph what shaft do I need I have a reg flex on the driver I have now and when I hit it 85-90% the ball slices a lot I tried hitting my friends driver it is stiff flex and with the 90% swing it was only fading a little my total distance for my driver on a good strike about 270-280 meter and with the stiff flex club I was carrying around that should I invest in a stiff shaft

Matthew Go says:

Try a non conforming driver!

coegj says:

Fun video to watch, enjoyed it very much.

Lucas Mulvehill says:

I love that, "I almost popd' me groin out dare"

RogueJyn says:

Not gonna lie, Petes swing reminds me of Sergio Garcia

Nick Stratton says:

They cant use 50 inch plus in long drive
The limit is 50 inches on a vertical measurement

Tobias Püschner says:

14:47 rules 😉

Jpgundarun says:

The Cobra Long Tom. I remember these. Not a gimmick at all. They still make them, don't they????

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