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Louis Oosthuizen gives us tips on tempo, balance, hands and more!

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The Notorious says:

He's had my favorite swing since his win at the Open a few years ago.

Danny Vu says:

Can’t believe only 17 comments for best and most effortless swings in golf. Your will never be lonely with a swing like his.

Edro says:

Ernie, Charl and Louis all look effortless. Must be a South African thing lol ?

Russell Mclatchey says:

Not particularly insightful

Oceans808 says:

He has the best swing on tour. Super smooth and simple.

MnG G says:

One of the nicest purest swings on tour imo

HOW TO: On your Subaru Vehicle says:

Love watching this guy swing the golf club!

Devlins10 says:

Simple but beautiful swing.

Judd Smith says:

I love his swing and tempo. One of my favorites on tour.

Alvaro Llanza says:

Best swing in golf

A Hol says:

Love Louis swing! It's crazy he's only won 1 major! So many 2nd places!

widndn says:

I know I'm on the right track, that is the exact drill I am working on now. Always loved louie's swing, if it's good enough for him I guess it's ok for me.

Humberto Gomez says:

great video

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