Low Handicap Golfer Playing Lesson – Part 1/2

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You’ve had loads of golf lessons, you’ve watched Rick Sheils, Me and My Golf and Mark Crossfield until your blue in the face, you’ve bought the lashes Taylormade Driver, Titleist Driver, Ping Driver, Callaway Driver and even switched shafts around time after time. Nothing seems to help you get that handicap down to scratch.

The jump from good single figure handicap golfer to scratch golfer is a massive one. What area of the game do you need help with? And how is a coach meant to help you with them? Playing lessons are a fantastic way of working out which areas of your game you need to improve to take that next step with your golf and lower your handicap even more. In this video I take Charlie Jaffery out on the course to see how we ca

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Cales says:

My guess is keeping the ball in play, making up and downs, and not 3 putting as often.

pgastar05 says:

Great video
Lots of great advice

danthemanwhocancan says:

It’s like watching the Karate Kid with Mr Miyagi as the Wise teacher…

Alan Heseltine says:

I'm liking these playing lesson videos James, some great info there mate

ar halimi says:

hi Coach .. tQ for the video esp on arnd min 8:17(plugging the tee as target .. n holing the putt) .. a true fantastic tip from a fantastic coach)

ian campbell says:

James maybe buy a bandana and save loads on hair gel.

The Maggs says:

Great video guys.
Charlie, playing off 5 is a dream for most people, great job getting there with the hard work!!
At this point, and it may be my ignorance/lack of playing experience talking, at 5 handicap, we're just talking on average 5 strokes a round. I know it's hard enough to get there but is 'playing safe' the last few steps to getting to scratch? If you didn't 'play safe' to get there, aren't you changing your mindset?

Mark Blair says:

I’m a 62 year old 14 handicapper and I’m definitely going to start wearing an Alice band from now on

Eric Hurt says:

Would you think Charlie would improve with a newer Driver? Just because everyone knows that the R1 was trash. Let's see a video of a R1 vs a M3?

Tony Westwell says:

Great tips even if I'm not a low handicapper should come in very handy indeed.

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