Lucas Glover Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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Steve Peterson says:

He looks like he's keeping his left arm glued to his side on the takeaway and backswing (one-plane idea). Yeah, that bowed left wrist (coming into impact) is similar to Graeme McDowell's (another U.S. Open winner). It allows him to maintain lag and delay the release for as long as possible. He must be thinking left hand "knuckles down" on the downswing. I believe his (and Graeme McDowell's) stock  shot is a draw because bowing the left wrist closes the face, if you're using a neutral or strong grip. Also, he maintains his spine angle into (and even after) impact and doesn't "come out of the shot." I like how he stays down with it. Very athletic and very flexible like all world class athletes many of which are on the PGA Tour. I'm watching a guy on tour right now (Brian Stuard) and I think he is the next Lucas Glover or Webb Simpson: Obscure guy who comes from out of nowhere to win a Major.  Oh, yeah, Golf Sage, these guys hit the ball long enough. Why are all your posts about how a restricted hip turn on the backswing will allow them to hit it farther. They can hit it 320 or 280 and they can employ any gimmick they choose to hit it however they want. They're the best golfers in the world. Born to play the game. And completely different than your really good club golfer who can shoot in the 70's. And is only a mere mortal, with a mortal's level of flexibility and strength. 

Mox_au says:

@jango1000 wow, you're easily pleased

bicklesby1 says:

@mattyco1234 matty!! you little bitch boy its good to see one of yer insightful and scintilating comments. where the fuk you been boy? I wanna kiss you

golfmaniac007 says:

@MFBueno63 i can name two players….ben curtis and paul lawrie

juicyfruitzy says:

@TheCptBlake He seemed to come out of nowhere but I've watched him since his win and the guy and play. Winning a major is very hard even for Tiger. Majors are not fluked by any means. The game of golf is great because on any given day if you play well you can win

iSeekGolf says:

Thx 🙂 They were shot on a Canon 5D MkII with a 70-200mm 2.8f IS USM lens

Cpt Blake Cromwell says:

This guy is another below average player who fluked a big win ……lets see how many more he gets

kuneckid05 says:

I have a similar hand drop in my swing, 🙂

112358p says:

love his swing

andrianc3g says:

I don't see a lot of compensation in this swing, it's very simple and solid fundamentally. He doesn't cup his wrist like hogan, but does drop the club nicely into plane on the way down. Very manageable lag too! This guy ain't goin nowhere, he'll be around for a while.

Tim Schäfer says:

great rythm great timing

112358p says:

to mysteryisgod: idiot. just look at how he owned the grand slam. in 30mph winds. that isn't a 18 handicapper takeaway. yours probably is though


What camera? PLease tell us. What lens? It's awesome!

Chris Roe says:

Great swing, very upright take away then drops it inside from the top and nails it!

jango1000 says:

Amazing Quality Cam!
Coolest Swing on tour…
Thanks for posting!

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