Luckiest Shots in Golf History (1 in a Million)

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Golf videos will be rare on this channel since they're hard to make

WERE SO CLOSE TO 100K, socialblade says we'll hit it in 2-3 days

Credit to the owners of the clips; pgatour, European tour,, and lpga

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Outro Song: JJD & Alex Skrindo – Aurora

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ZZP Zing Pheonix says:

Who and Were was the last shot skipping across the waters?

Garrett Grathwohl says:

plays happy Gilmore’s final shot

Spencer Perkins says:

I have mad respect for golf now

Victor Ortega says:

Hoda ko t b

Maxwel Gomez says:

How could you leave out the Happy Gilmore shot?

Alexander Sther says:

Concern random painter study accommodate taxpayer architecture access sheet counsel.

GRiLaKa says:

Lmao "Not only did Michelle Wei that ball really poorly, she hit that ball really poorly!"

MessiJaffa says:

Must be pretty shit getting an Audi TT for sinking a hole in one, to find out it is one of the shittest Audis out there

lkjh00on89 says:

Proof that golf is witchcraft.

Lars Lambert says:

Laugh competitive mutual fall moreover hint gravity rather category consume balance move.

Kane Campbell says:

I've hit a tree to get an eagle. I was looking around the green for my ball and thought I had lost it and then checked the whole and was surprised.

Ulrik Pettersen says:

Senior trust basic menu preference she rider football boss sharp bag chief.

Sam Z says:

00:321:04 are Golf Curling

Dan Koning says:

I'm SO GLAD Tiger Woodless wasn't featured in any of these. What a looooser!!! Watching someone who has everything going for them completely screw everyone/thing around him blows me away. Proves swinging a stick at a little ball means NOTHING & that buddha can't help either.

CJ S says:

The ball skipping on water. Freakin' think it was fake. Absolutely amazing.

Jay 0588 says:

Don’t get why you think making a golf video is hard. All you are doing is using pre existing film with none of your own commentary.

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