Luke Donald : Mizuno Masterclass 1 / 112 yard pitching wedge

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geansai333 says:

who makes his jumpers? anyone know?

Elizabeth Jasmine says:

those divots are perfect!

Christopher Wang says:

Luke is such a class act – absolute treat to have these videos!

Daniel Tobin says:

is Luke using the Mizuno MP balls?

james eadie says:

Look when is the next major coming . . Luke 

justjames1111 says:

Such a nice swing, and lovely tempo.

Daniel Barwatt says:

He has such a smooth swing. I wish he would win a major. You would think he
would have like 3-4 with his talent.

Adam Turnbull says:

In the videos he uses the MP-59, but he plays MP-62’s…why?

MrTanker10a says:

Get a grip!

Sam Lord says:

Horrid?!?! They’re the classiest and most smart shoes on tour!

fenderboy34 says:

@MrKevin671 listen u idiot

Tommyve000 says:

look sooo easy!!!

drakey27 says:

I will be very surprised if he doesn’t win a major in 2012

Siebelt07 says:

@jejebard no it’s the hardest sport in the world

Dissco Burr says:

Hehe, I can hit it farther than he can (though I probably can’t say
anything, ’cause I kinda suck).

kschwab14 says:

He says he hits his 54 110 and his PW 125-130

RobLow18Car says:


mizunogolfeurope says:

We’re already onto episode 2 (fringe chip). One a week being released
through into April.

arran ho says:


bicklesby1 says:

shoes are wack

spiderman991 says:

perhaps, but he will always be above trolls who argue with themselves on

neil treharne says:

i enjoyed the whole series its most informative

zyzzbruhhhh says:

wish we could have watched his full motion in this swing

Janna is OP says:

When people say they can hit their pitching wedge further than he can, they
mean their 6 degree strong, ultra-flex shaft game-improvement wedge.

ToodsWiger says:

Hey, im from the future, he didn’t win a major 🙁

Sean Boyd says:

was the cameraman jerking one off when he filmed this?!

omerion says:

i liked the mizuno facebook page,i cant wait to see the others tips of luke

Dave Wiseman says:

Luke Donald is overrated and he will never be as good as Tiger and he will
never win what Tiger has won. He will soon start dropping down the

Gavin Tom says:

@MrKevin671 lol were you not listening 125-130. He said it.

callamadegolf2212 says:

Clown shoes!! Except these are black and white

MrKevin671 says:

how far does he hit his P wedge?


Golf looks so simple, isn’t it?

Adam Turnbull says:

I’ll take his old MP-62’s then 🙂

Hodor says:

I will be very surprised if he doesn’t win a major in 2013

roomfullofidiots says:

dude, those shoes probably cost more than all the cars you will buy in your
lifetime. 🙂

zooch79 says:

I think it’s fantastic that he is talking about hitting a PW from 112. I
have a lot of golfing buddies, as I am sure most people do, who would have
pulled their 60* there and chopped away at it or hooded the face… it
would go either 6 miles into the air or about 20 feet off the ground. Then
it would end up on the front edge…. and they’d be happy with that.

Leo Hong says:

You surprised?

ilovefloridagatos says:

Amazing Guy, amazing style, amazing playing.

mizunogolfeurope says:

We don’t think anyone has ever claimed that Luke will be better than the
old Tiger. Though he’s a incredible iron / wedge player and was well worth
his world #1 position. Currently ranked #3 – most of us aren’t in the top 3
at our club.

Cameron Brown says:

subscribe to me

mizunogolfeurope says:

Daniel – Luke’s plenty more chances to win that first major. We know that
no one will work harder to make sure they have chances every season.

brizzdogg says:

Hes just so balanced throughout the swing, lovely Nice shoes too, what a

Lui Craddock says:

I want those shoes… Sorry what were you saying, Luke?

essentiale says:

When is he next master class episode coming out?

Golf Junkie says:

Pitching wedge of 54 degrees? That is more like a sand wedge?

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