M5 & M6 Fairway Reveal & Team TaylorMade First Reactions | TaylorMade Golf

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Watch as Team TaylorMade athletes Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Jon Rahm uncover and test M5 & M6 fairways for the first time.

Learn more: http://tmgolf.co/2019m8c3c0


Blake Murray says:

I like how people watch these TM videos about the reactions of the people THEY SPONSOR and get angry at TM for trying to market a product while having the athletes they SPONSOR talk about how good the clubs are like seriously ? if u don’t like them don’t watch them

Chris Jackson says:

Tw is the same. He’s like that in his nine ads too. He’s not really stoic unless it’s really just something he wants to game right away.

Evan Quigley says:

People forget that they are golfers! Yeah they are being paid etc etc but look at the reveal of the clubs, these guys are excited to get new kit man and the me way Taylormade present the new kit to these guys looks exciting.. They are saying some shit that they have to but still they look like they are having fun.

Timmy Wu says:

Only complements, almost as if they are sponsored by them

Christopher says:

Just confirms that I still cant stand Taylormade.

marty maness says:

Nothing can help me hit a fairway wood off the deck.

MODFC100 says:

Now show results with your average hacker using them

jdheelfan says:

Where is Justin Rose?

Canes Fan says:

Cut out all the, "this feels just as good as the m3!" Its gonna be sad when this comes in at the highest price point out of the big companies and flops.

Cobra is gonna whipe the floor at 449.99

Micky Doppo says:

Release the whole day as a movie!

My OpenMind says:

It’s almost as if they are being paid by TaylorMade. Cringeworthy

Victor Rodriguez Sr says:

Hoping for a TW Major this year…give'em hell boyz!

1981steely says:

This is painful to watch! Cringe!!!

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