Make DRIVER your best club w SEQUENCE AND FLOW Milo Lines, PGA

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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Kuka Mäolen says:

The club shallows naturally if your arms go faster than your body just like in tennis or any other racket sport. Sequence from the top has to be right. Worst thing for the overthetopper is to leave your hands passive at the top and rotate, that move is more for those who have tendency to hook the ball. You better listen to Mike Malaska and Tony Luckzak in these shallowing moves.

onats lotuaco says:

i finally felt what that flow feels like.. no more tugging and redirecting the club towards the ball.. for me when i practice, when i take my backswing and my arms passes parallel, i aggressively turn towards the target pinning my left arm on my chest and then the rest comes along for the ride.. still need more practice and i need to pivot better so i can place the ball more forward in my stance like Milo.. good stuff here..

Aaron Sha says:

That's so cool, Milo, in 6:45, easy step and bomb it !!!

will pollard says:

pressure moved to the front foot before inpact is the way i see it?

Dooya Punk says:

Milo is a great Golfer and seems to be a good Teacher, but he's definitely not a great communicator.
At times he almost seems annoyed to have to answer a question !
Maybe it's nerves or maybe he's reluctant to give away all his tips and tricks, but if he wants to get in this game he needs to work on his presentation skills, because the dour responses and minimal info gets irritating to watch after a while.

Đông Tà says:

That swing is long, but not reliable with tight fairways, OB, hazards and under pressure!

s k says:

I am subscribed. Where is "more"?

Kobe Watson says:

You can go right hand only, but you have to release the club. Releasing the club by unhinging the wrist. If you don’t unhinge/don’t release you’ll have no speed.

Every great player releases the club. Right hand will be looking like they are shanking hands with someone after impact. This whole hold off and let body rotate is insane to me.

B Johnson says:

Guessing Mike Malaska won't be on Be Better Golf again…..
completely different transition …shallowing vs tipping out…

David says:

Part of me hates that I started playing golf, I really can't stop using my arms in the swing but this is a good video. It's great your in search of perfection

Raza Khan says:

great content !!!

Uchol Sin says:

Joe Miller is the only guy I can think of. Hip is not open at all.

Joe Hernandez says:

I understand keeping the energy ahead of the club but how do you that while keeping the arm structure and grip correct? I find it hard to do that and maintain control of the club face.

bernard smith says:

This is interesting. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that’s getting me on plane is a feeling of throwing in the opposite direction of target which widens the arc kind of like the pull an arrow analogy. It seems if people aren’t laid off they can just turn and the club falls in position ie Matt wolf

67wdz says:

Hey I haven’t seen this on YouTube by a long hitter but could you add a go pro to their heads to see a POV of what they’re doing? I feel like this could be very beneficial

Jack Bisson says:

You guys make a great TEAM.

Scott Schenk says:

Becoming a good golfer is the closest thing to a real life Jedi there is, Milo is the Luke Skywalker of harnessing the Force in a golf swing 🔥

Simmo says:

Is this swing totally safe for the lower back?


Thx for watching!

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