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Meandmygolf take a trip around the factory at Taylormade headquarters to see the process of making their R15 Taylormade driver for order receipt to shipping the driver

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superstar10155 says:

Meeting up with rick and Pete? And gabe?

Matthew Morley says:

Where’s the part 1 fitting video 

Matthias Gold says:

are they building all clubs for the european market?

Perry Mattingly says:

Are you both going to be at Orange County National Thursday morning for the
mini school? If you are going to be here 2 weeks you better make sure you
play World Woods in Brooksville. ( 1 hour away) Augusta and Pine valley in
one location. Beautiful.

Ralphyneil says:

Out of interest, what do you with your old clubs? I bet you boys have been
through some clubs

Rob Roberts says:

It’s sorta odd that even with a large building, the 4 guys working on
gripping, gluing etc all work in a tiny space and almost bump into each

Kevin mc donnell says:

hes just handling piers’ shaft there…. “is it stiff??” “yea extra stiff”

Daniel Eason says:

Me and my golf do “how’s it made”

najiba mn says:

I’ve worked in a club fitting shop before and as a 16 year old girl at that
time, it was pretty fun!! I’ve fixed on grips and lots more. It was an
amazing experience and golf enthusiasts should try it out one day.
definitely prefer staying in the work room than playing golf because it’s
simply really cool making clubs and at the end of the day say wow I made

itubeutude says:

Why are they gluing the head and not using the interchangable thing?

TommyPauker says:

Do they do no spining or similar aligning of the shaft?

Evan Diede says:

I see auto correct didn’t work while giving the title to the video +
Meandmygolf . “Talyormade” hahah

Hdw1998 says:

Andys got a heavier shaft the Piers, too much info thank you.

Jarrod Bunting says:

Loving the inside of making thus club. Bravo

John Sowers says:

That blue and silver does look good.

Jordan Cox says:

Where’s part one? Cheers!

Nicholas Western says:

Nice vid guys keep up the good work xD

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

“Handling pierce’s shaft”

Nicholas Western says:


patrik streng says:


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