Malask Golf // L to L Drill – The Most Important Golf Lesson You Need to Know

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I’ve gone over the L to L drill a lot and will keep going over it because it is really important. The pivot starts at the change of direction. Here’s how to train each hand to feel this.

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MJB7322 says:

I always felt your recommendation of the L to L drill relies on to much face rotation. How do you square this with your "Hand Action, Face Control" video, where what you are practicing in that video is completely opposite of the L to L drill. Also, with the L to L drill, there is no tipping or pivoting the club head out immediately at the top of the downswing. If you observe, with the L to L drill, the club head falls behind the hands on the downswing and flips out towards the ball well below you waist and at the bottom of the swing arch…. something that you said should be avoided. How do you square up these contradictions? Really would love an answer from somewhere because it is right here where I get lost!

kiwijohn01 says:

L to L, and the right foot back drills .. everyone should try those ?

Frank D says:

Hi Mike, thanks so much for this important drill. Since I've been making a point to come completely through my swing "L to L", it has helped me greatly to finish my swing and cut down on blocked shots to the right.

Andrew Linch says:

Well I finally got the Malaska move and I am killing the ball now , with no hooks, playing under par and super happy , Thanks Mike.

jonna364 says:

Golf is so easy if I played I’ll shoot in the 50s everyday (maybe even lower) but I don’t waste my time playing such an easy game. Go get a job guys.

Corbin Brown says:

Just like Todd hugely out here in Farr West utah!!!! Love both of ya guys

Pedro Oliveros says:

just want to say thanks for sharing your insight from years of playing and teaching…I have been incorporating this and avoiding "pulling the handle" as I have taught by many so called "professionals"

Wayne J Anderson says:

Great video and as always great information on the golf swing.

BD Karol says:

Great Introduction Mike .. You simplify the golf swing and explain it where it makes sense.. Thank Mike

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