Malaska Golf // Player Lesson // Set up, Golf Grip, Swing Path, Draw

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Over the holidays I worked with Michigan State University golfer Caroline Harding. We spent two days breaking down the basics of her golf swing, starting with setup – balance and posture, a neutral grip, swing path and ball striking. By the end of the session, Caroline was hitting a natural draw and putting the ball exactly where she wanted.

The results speak for themselves. You can watch the complete lesson at This is 1 of 4 videos in the series.

The more you understand about the forces at work in the golf swing, the better you’ll be able to control the club face and strike the ball. When I’m on the range or on the course as a coach, I do my best to explain these natural forces in a way that reveals the “a-ha moment” for players. It doesn’t matter what your handicap is, seeing how other golfers are applying their understanding to improve will ultimately help you fine tune your swing as well.


randy underwood says:

"closing rate"
i saw this on another blog site. glad you mentioned it here at the end of the vid. i think it's an under valued part of what's going on during the swing of the clubhead

Starwut Wibuloutai says:

nice hat, Mike!!!

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