Malaska Golf // Swing Drill to Keep Loose (and Look Cool) Finishing Your Golf Swing

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Staying balanced and loose is essential to a smooth and consistent golf swing. These little drills help with finishing your golf swing, and you'll look cool while doing them ; )

1. Recoil finish. 2. Swing arms. 3. Club twirl.

Caution: A smooth and balanced swing may cause more distance than expected. Be conscious of the people working the course.

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Colin White says:

Love it.
I smile just thinking about doing it.
How about whistling a tune at the same time?

Arch Campbell says:

Actually, this really works! I tried it on Sunday near Superstition CC and my ball flight was great, the distance was more than adequate and my whole body just sorta relaxed. (and it was fun…just like Mike intended it to be. Wish I could meet this guy and get one of his golf lessons.

Rob Saxe says:

I've always wanted to learn this! ?? Thanks!

jason barger says:

For the life of me I have no idea why people still try and put emphasis on the follow thru and claim it will make any difference in your shots. Once the ball is gone from the face of the club, you could pick your nose or scratch your ass and it wouldnt change the ball flight a fraction of an inch. Why do people insist on talking about anything after impact? Its essentially snake oil.

R A says:

I do all of that stuff already. It's the only thing about my game that is remotely similar to the pros 😉

Discus Me says:

that is cool

Chris Ligman says:

Awesome lol

Joe Smith says:

Lol this is fun!

Joe Griggs Jr. says:

Haha. Magic Mike, you're to funny. 'Now this is high level stuff.'

Rommel Cuison says:

love this video! another one of those tips to keep yourself loose throughout the swing.

freddy says:

I'm wondering how I can get more lag in my recoil.
Just kidding.

Bernd Dreilich says:

That’s the cool easy style I definitely need! But can u show the twirl again please. How many rpm and angle of attack do I need. Oh and I hope I don’t mess up my strike and dynamic Loft. LOL no kidding I Love that!

Andrés Dionis says:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant (and really funny)

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

How is the camera man not laughing out loud while you are doing this?

Parpy says:

Cant stop laughing ??


Try and get him again Mike Lol

Kevin Stanley says:

That was absolutely awesome…but, to have REALLY added emphasis to your video, you should've included a slow motion of the entire routine!

steve brooks says:

thx Mike, club twirl practice swings = 6hr rounds! jk ; )

randy underwood says: gotta do the tiger twirl

Rod Galilee says:

Mike you are the epitome of cool, can't wait to get on the range to try this. I'm sure it helps focus on the complete swing & in no way on a "hit".

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

This is the swing and finish of LPGA Chinese player Shanshan Feng .Coach by Gary Gilchrist……

Golpher Guy says:

Cool music, cool title!

Oyefule Femi says:

i love this videoo

kiwijohn01 says:

I do that even when I shank it into the points hut !!

Paul Stewart says:

Brilliant. Love it! 🙂

Sansfaim says:

If you can pull this off not only looks cool , but if you hit a bad shot, people think you have probably been unlucky.

thecragus says:

I've been using the recoil position ever since watching the George Knudson video a while back:

john brilliant says:

Awesome… someone break out a breathalyzer on Mike.

Adolfo Zayas says:

That hits the blooper reel this yr

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