Malaska Golf // Video Swing Analysis // Full Swing Drills // Tension and Rotation Tips

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During the US Open we ran a sweepstakes for the Malaska Golf community and invited the winners to send in their swing videos for a personal analysis and tips.

This is part of my response for Bill H, exploring tension in the left arm and shoulder and how it inhibits his rotation in the full swing.

We'll be rolling out a new VIDEO SWING ANALYSIS feature at as well as a new DRILL CENTER to give members more personalized instruction online. Coming this fall.

Join today. Visit, so you can be first in line.



chok nives says:

Thanks for your good advice. I like your method of swing (tempo) and teaching golf. I am not English Native language but still got understand you teaching.  Just start playing golf when getting older and your way might safety to my knee, hip, elbow Ect.  Thank you Mike Malaska

MarkwayHomes says:

tension ruins your swing more than anything.. once you have the basics down. And read Zen Golf by Joseph Parent.. this will without a doubt help an 8 handicap

Munchies Moo says:

Great instruction! Love the fact that you took your time to explain!

Jonas Pärsson says:

how does dustin johnson have so much shaft lean?

DaveSender66 says:

Thanks Mike.

Stat Chat says:

Great vid Mike
Keep me posted on your improvement!

Peter Ddeme says:

Thanks for being so generous with your time. Great instruction …… been following all your tips/concepts and as a 6 weeks new player i am stocked with my progress. Having coached at a high level in another sport, i thank/recognize you for your skills.

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