Marcus Kleveland – BS Quad 18

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Wooshy Grinders says:

I will do a quad cork in the next 10 years

James Lemley says:

Amazing! But why does he call it a quad when its five 360's?

JakeXSV says:

How have I not known about this channel. How does it only have 1K subs. Great vid! ?

RadGnarRad says:

being the 3rd one? theres two other ppl that have done 1800's? Pretty sure MK is first at this, and its for sure the cleanest

Michael Dunworth says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the track that drops when he drops for the first quad? I can't find it, Shazam isn't doing it, and the music credits aren't helping either. Sorry, but would be awesome to know! Great video!

Eugen K says:

This is incredible, but I think snowboarding going stupidness this way

Diesel does things says:

Cant wait for the 9X cork in 2020! Its gonna happen guys, you heard it here first!

Carwyn Blosch says:

wtf, that is the Nitro good times snowboard, it is a super soft board made for jibs and rails, how can he do a quad cork and not slip out!? he is insane haha

Bombaclock says:

"Just added one more" Beastmode engaged! lol

Nutella Fella says:

that is soooooo sick!

Pukki34 says:

Should be called the meatball flip

TrickShot TV says:

omg soo sick! with 16 years… what do you do when your 20 years? xD

CharlieFastHorseHD says:

I've been watching all of your guys videos. How do you not have more subs???

Michael says:

wonder when slopestyle will get back to the style component. we can do more flips for days but i thought it looked better when people were doing less and adding their own style

Eli Curl says:

1:24 when the filmer cant snowboard

Andrew Holzgrove says:

this dude is my idol

BobbySKeight says:

Double indy grab is stylish

Sam Clark says:

I thought I was cool with backflips..I can't even process that. (that pun doe)

Виктор Ермаков says:

What track is playing at 1:08 ? Ty

HUFSA says:

Satan du kommer til å nå langt bror 🙂

OKP - ESK8FR & UNIKBOARDS Founder says:

Max Parrot & Billy Morgan did this. Congrats for this achievement

Haptter "Touch Your Emotions" says:

Great jump! Great footage and image too!
We have subscribed to your channel & we'll share today this link on:

mikkeliciouss says:

who was the second to land quad?

Dr Tom says:

Marcus, du er helt vill!!

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