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Maria Palozola Conquering Your Reverse Pivot StLouisGolfLessons ( is run by Maria Palozola a Top 50 LPGA Teaching Professional and a Golf Digest Top 5 Teacher in the State. Maria serves students from Kirkwood MO, Clayton MO, Chesterfield MO, Manchester MO, Ballwin MO, St. Charles MO and all the way to areas reaching as far as Decatur IL and Cape Girardeau MO. St. Louis Golf offers:
Golf Schools (
A Women's Golf Academy
Private Lessons
Golf Outings
Winter and Indoor Instruction–indoor-lessons.html
Junior Golf Instruction
Golf Fitness
Instructional Videos
Find out more about Maria here:

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Norman Schneider says:

Great lesson, feels right

David Lentine says:

Please stop! Nobody is going to learn to swing doing that! ???

Jordan Martinka says:

is it true that 85% of golfers have a slice? yes! that makes me the minority, i have a perfectly straight drive, occasionally i slice but thats cause i hit it outside in slightly, i also do not like the hinge and hold method, i feel i really have to be precise when it comes to distance, ill use it if i cant hit high, like today, i was in a tournament stuck under a tree, i hinged and hold, put it about 3 fee from the hole but if it didnt stop on a hill itd have ran forever, i just dont get the appeal of that shot

Philip Martin says:

Very helpful, Thanks Maria. Philip.

Aall In Limo & Party Bus says:

great job explaining everything, it was very informative and detailed without complicating it. If you ever visit San Diego, I coach the boys/girls at at a local hs. we would love to have you out to a practice or on our golf channel we just started, called Golfholics! we are trying to grow the game with the youth, and showing how fun golf can be// mike

robo931 says:

Chick is hot and knows her stuff.

The Snookerist says:

All good stuff. Wish you were teaching me! My backswing has always been too long and my arms never catch up on the downswing.

Maria Palozola says:

Thanks for the compliment!

Maria Palozola says:

I hope they helped.

Maria Palozola says:

Thanks. I'm glad it helped.

Grogster2007 says:

Excellently explained

Mitch says:

If I had a million dollars I would give it to you little lady, your beautiful

Greg Scott says:

Well done video. And these stability drills look good, I will try them.

Maria Palozola says:

Thanks! Hope it helps. Check out the MyGolfInstructor channel which will has a lot more videos on the way.

Maria Palozola says:


Maria Palozola says:

Thanks. Hope it helps!!!

Sword ofDobar says:

Great video and well explained. Thanks Maria!

A Kumar says:

I said slice…now where's my million dollars? 🙂

Maria Palozola says:

Thanks! Check out the My Golf Instructor channel for many more videos to come.

emac417 says:

great info maria.hopefully more videos to come.

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