Mark Crossfield Meets Gary Player

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Mark Crossfield Meets Gary Player. Mark Crossfield is on the Callaway tour truck at Augusta national chatting to Gary Player about golf courses, majors, Open championships and golf drivers. What driver will he use for the 1st drive to start the masters 2015.

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Irvin Lee says:

awesome. I would have been so nervous asking just one question to him..

Nikko Coupland says:

shouldn't it read gary player meets mark crossfield???

Adam Link says:

hi mark how are u  have u done the video with leee westwood yet

Dude Radley says:

this Player guy seems like a real cool dude. Never heard of him before he appeared on the Crossfield channel.

Brad Jackson says:

Two inspirational men well done to both of you, Please check my blog out for great golf content with humour :

Callum Lewis-Jones says:

what an absolute legend!!

Jason Wayne says:

Thanks for a brief chat with a Legend, He still impresses me after all these years

jungfraujoch11333 says:

Is there a better interviewee?

marknic79 says:

I think after meeting Mark he will give the Masters a miss next year!!!

Alan Heseltine says:

Great interview with a legend of the game.

Online Optics says:

Ahh Mark.. I remember the good old days in your Clifton Hill dug out speaking your mind and filming in dodgy 4:3 video! This is a great milestone for you. Very well done keep em coming. Gary Player is my absolute hero…. big grins this end…

Wes says:

Awesome Mark you are in golf heaven talking with Gary Player. He is absolutely my one of the all time greats! I am 5' 7.5" tall so he has been an inspiration all my life. I have many memories of watching him battle it out with the other greats. Those matches were to this point in time the best. He is an inspiration to this day for any player no matter their statute. Enjoy your days at Augusta and in the US!

Kevin Haigh says:

Search for '74 masters on you tube. Just watched it the other day. Player in great form and great to see a less artificial Augusta.

marc oshea says:


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