Master The 60 Yard Shot

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Do you lose control on your 40-60 yard wedge shots? I have a few questions for you to see if I can help. Do you feel like your arms and body are out of sync? Do you lose control of the face through contact. Hitting thin and heavy. Do shots float up into the air, consistently coming up 10-20 yards short, even when you try to swing harder? If you've experience these types of shots, I can help you with this video.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Aaron Sha says:

Great video. A quick questions please : what ball position is good for high or low shot? Thank you.

Patrick Witherow says:

All well and good when you have a nice lie, but when you're in the thick of it, well what then. This is when I usually decelerate.

Troy Chun says:

Great video Clay!

José Manuel González says:

Excellent video.

David Olson says:

I would encourage you…in all your videos, to say exactly what club you're using. "Right now I'm using a 60 degree wedge with 8 degrees of bounce."

Brendon Morris says:

I stomped my dog flat and slid it under my neighbors door

Tom MacDonald says:

"Keep your right elbow REALLY straight…" But you ARE bending your right elbow on the backswing Mr Clay!?!

richzuck says:

What club are you using?

Spritely says:

Hey Clay, I finished the stable spine section of the top speed golf and I got great results! I however, already had a decent power turn so I moved onto top speed lag. I am trying to make sure I have the full power turn which I sometimes lack, but that combined with the lag completely put my swing out of wack. Do you recommend just sticking through the lag series, or moving onto to the straight line release, which is what I believe I'm lacking that is causing my lag to not allow me to give me proper contact?

Meek Rodriguez says:

Nice videos

JR says:

I'm surprised you didn't include a bump and run with a 7 or 8 iron for that green. As a mid-handicapper I find that shot more dependable. I will use a wedge at times but only if, for some reason, the chip and run cannot be used.

Walt James says:

As always, helpful and well explained. Thanks!

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