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How to dominate with your body, improving your release pattern. Gain consistency over the club face with more body rotating through impact rather than flipping the hands at the ball.

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Mike Beck says:

Always excellent! Thanks

Olle Edsbäcker says:

Thank you. Important information. I have a slightly different swing station aiming at the same issue. I put two aiming sticks representing the club plane on each side (left and right) just inside the ball to target line. The critical one is the left stick. At first I put the shaft against the stick to feel the plane in the follow through then I make very slow rehearsal swings in the station nearly touching the sticks. After this I move outside the station and try to experience the same feels,and finally replicate it as I hit a ball. By moving between the station and the “reality” I engrave the feels. Olle

Graeme Ross says:

Great tips as usual. Why have you not got more subscribers? they are really missing out.

Louis Caracappa says:

Great video. I have been trying to work on this. Can you give more details on the set up of the cane? You said 60 degrees and 18 or so inches in front of the ball is that toward the target (forward ) or away from you? I have set this type of station up and have had the ball strike the cane. Not good with a real golf ball

John Schwartz says:

All good points John! I like the use of the alignment sticks to represent the proper swing path the club should be taking. I try to swing on an in to out to in path, so I don't really have a problem with the point you're making. Good Job! Keep up the good work!!

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