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Meandmygolf PGA Golf Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman show how to read long putts helping you stop those 3 putts.

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Dale Skidmore says:

Terrible putt.

Rachel Parrish says:

When I have long putts, I tend to pull them – what's your favorite drill to cure this? Thanks guys keep up the good work!

Ian Paxson says:

Have you guys ever used/tried Yes! C-groove putters? A coworker of mine raves about them and I'm in the market for a new putter. I was wondering if you guys knew anything about them.

Pedro G says:

Good Information. Do you have a recommendation to avoid "freezing" ? Sometimes when am about to put, everthing gets tense and it is difficult to initiate the putting action.

B Riel says:

I have trouble with sometimes dragging my putter along the ground just before impact. Any suggestions?

HireAStudio says:

It is like sandpaper being scrapped against my ears at 1:27. Previous audio was silk.

Robert says:

great tip lads ?

99johnmatrix says:

Good video but the sound quality is abysmal

Nathan Jones says:

3 putt Andy? ?

Ederson garmendia says:

Nice graphics!! Hey guys when you send the bag over also send one of those sweaters your wearing to match the bag please lol

Stephen Butler says:

Super helpful video, but also beautiful, loved the edit and graphics, top job!

Stephen Pruszenski says:

The quality of your videos has greatly improved. Keep it going.


what spot on the driver should the ball hit when driving?

bogey1911 says:

Slick camera work with the focus pull! Looks nice

ian campbell says:

Guys not everyone uses Instagram or Facebook – some of us don't need to tell the world what we're doing. Lol

Stuart Millar says:

I like this new style of videos ?⛳️

Patrick Vinas says:

I love this vid!! Straight to the point. Good angles. Good editing. The Grid thing you did on the green was cool!!

Calum Lawson says:

These new master videos look so damn good!

Lazy Alexander says:

honest result too. it's so annoying when coaches show the take where the ball goes in the hole, like following those steps always results in holing it. great video, slick production too – we're worth it 😉

Ian Knowles says:

Not usual standard!

Henrik Gustafsson says:

Love the graphics!

Rival Kingdoms Weekly says:

I'm playing a minor fade right now. How do I fix this? I feel like I'm still cutting the ball.

Johan Jarvi says:

Hey you did it! This is pretty much what I asked for!

Harrison Silva says:

Play a par 3 with a soccer ball

Josh Owen says:

I need some help
16 years old, would love to get into golf, knowledge is very limited. Been to the range a couple of times
Where shall I start? Tuition? What clubs? Etc?
Any reply would be greatly appreciated

Bob Mdudu says:

If the green as different undulations on a putt, i.e starts left to right, the changes right to left, how and where do you aim?

Anthony Martinez says:

Great move on the "quick tips" guys. Very happy to see the progress you've made. Class act.

coldoustiderightnowtho says:

Such a great channel. The best golfing channel by far.

Nicklas Pouey-Winger says:

Good tips! Just a question though; I've always been told not to walk in the line of a put – as footprints etc. might change the actual conditions. Not sure this is a big issue where you guys are from, but here in my country, it tends to rain a lot and greens aren't always top notch condition. Keep it up! 🙂

Rob Abesamis says:

Andy and piers! pls choose me for the Taylor made bag!

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