Match Moe Norman? Single plane golf swing video, online golf instruction

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In this video I compare my single plane golf swing to that of Moe Norman who also played single plane golf. Moe developed his swing intuitively through years of practice. I tried to swing exactly like Moe for years, but found out that I needed to take the most important parts of what Moe did and then fit them to my body type. The single plane setup is the key! I have also developed some simple to repeat drills which have strangely made my swing very similar to Moe's.

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CrossBow206 says:

Great videos, thanks for sharing

Andrew Smith says:

It looks like with all clubs you line the ball up closer to the hosel at
address, then on the way down hit it dead center of the club? What is the
reason for this and what is the reason for grounding the club 6 inches
behind the ball on preshot routine before takeaway?

Mahavishnu80 says:

Yes Charlie. Standard lie means the club will sit heel up so you need to
get lie angles changed.

Saint Kimbo says:

Nice impression, but you didn’t say, “I’ll be Bach”

Charlie Heltzel says:

When I straighten my arms to create the single plane, the lie of the club
tends to point the toe towards the ground. do you have to change lie to
more of an “upright lie”?

Kirk Junge says:

No problem. Glad to see so many people interested in this simple golf swing.

M Ace67 says:

Kirk, what size grips are you using. jumbo? midsize?. Just curious…Mike

Kirk Junge says:

Fixed the link. Thank you very much for pointing this out!!

M Ace67 says:

I began hitting the ball better after I started the clubhead a few inches
behind the ball like you’re doing here. My shoulder and spine are in a
proper position to start the take away.. Everything Moe did in the swing
and setup was for good reason. If the weekend hacker never tried this
swing, believe me it’s easier and the results are better than a typical
swing. I got over the fact of my setup looking different, when I took 10
shots off my score.

Lee N says:

Can’t get to your web site with this link.

M Ace67 says:

Thank You Kirk…

Tim Flaherty says:

Nice job kirk

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