Matthew Wolff Style Windup and Sling for Massive Clubhead Speed!

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Although the sidearm throw style golf swing may look a bit unorthodox at the top, it allows you to develop a ridiculously fast whipping motion at the bottom.

Matthew Wolfe is by no means the first player to adopt this technique, as Miller Barber, Jimmy Bruen, and to some extent Fred Couples swung this way very successfully.

You'll also want to search for JuJu Petersen, who is already driving the ball over 280 yards at 12 years old with this method.

It MUST be accompanied by a hard clear of the hips and chest, as seen in my thumbnail above. Without this move of the body you will get a super steep shaft coming down.

The club gets way across the line at the top, then shallows early in the downswing as the CoM of the club drops below the arc the handle is traveling at that moment. There are biomechanical reasons for this move to add clubhead speed.

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Robert Sperry says:

Forget about it. Not worth the trouble

Jeff Lardizabal says:

gotta find a way to incorporate this type of arm speed :-):

Christian Schilt says:

Works like rocket!

Robert Haar says:

Difficult to incorporate forward shaft lean with this move. Must fiddle with grip and wrist conditions at impact.

seth1455 says:

Would have been nice to see you hit a shot to demonstrate

Daniel Borg says:

Excellent tape..I have been obsessed with find info on wolffs method …..did jimmy swing in forties use basically right arm only or was left arm in control….do you think this swing can get a solid but short life long golf addict of 73 years enough distance to play regular tees, say 240…? Also more instruction on this method for short shots..chips..etc…I think this kid will dominate the next seven years..he has the amateur background of all the greats.

G C says:

Absolute bullshit

Bogeyssuk says:

tried it, 3 shanks in a row – ???

Golf India VLOG says:

Awesome !!! Here is Real Mike Austin way. Was looking for it. I found this movement same as cutting grass. Is it same as cutting grass?

Christian Descraques says:

Mathew Wolf coached by George Gankas:

spakuloid says:

How do you manage to hit down on the ball and take divots (irons) with this scooping motion inherent in the swing? So you get the advantage of more clubhead speed but you lose loft coming in under the ball?

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