Max Out Your Smash Factor for More Distance!

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In this video, we discuss what the smash factor is, and what is the appropriate amount for each club in your bag. When you are able to max it out, and be consistent with it, not only will you increase your distance, but also get the ball closer to the flag on approach shots to the green as well.

What do you have to focus on in your golf swing to get the highest smash factor? What about your driver and irons?

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TPA tennis says:

Can you get perfect smash factor with a draw or fade?

Ray Dawson says:

I have a mevo plus launch monitor. When I hit driver my smash is usually around 1.40 with driver. I am hitting a couple of degrees up and hitting the face on the sweet spot. Why am I not getting a higher smash? Could shaft be leaned back?

Bill Ryan says:

Do you have any info on a Michael Broderick PRO. Teacher any info would b3 helpfull

Ken Bard says:

Thanks Steve for illuminating the smash factor in this video… I had purchased the TM P790 irons a few months ago to get the feel and control of the forged face… I had tried several other irons at the golf store w/ trackman.. but these were so smooth and it has been amazing the extra distance the trampoline effect has.
Also, thank you for your site which I had joined earlier this year. This has brought my swing and understanding of the physics of the swing back after laying off ~18 months due to serious back issues and surgery on cervical discectomy, it had inspired me to not give up on golf which I was so uncertain of.

Don says:

Thanks for the informative video. I always enjoy watching your videos.

초짜프로_젊은 은퇴 says:

Good shot~ 스메스 팩터가 정말 중요한것같아요~

Terry Holloway says:

Great explanation Steve thanks still watching Austinology can’t do it yet but still trying it’s a lot to think about in 1.5 secs lol Tommy Smothers used to say the 22000 things you have to think about right b4 you hit the ball

Mads Rehhoff-Nør says:

Great explanation Steve! I wonder why one should through out the old clubs to get an increase of distance worth ~2 clubs, e.g. a pw then equals the (old) 8-iron, but then you just need a lot of different lofted wedges instead?

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