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Rick Shiels PGA says:


See what clubs Andy uses and watch him strike them! @TaylorMadeTour

40Rouge says:

That may be the easiest 122 mph swing speed ever. I WANT.

XesserX says:

Holy crap! Andy hits it so far, but it looks like he isn’t even trying!
Very impressive! Watch out Finchy! ;-)

oskarfahlstrom says:

Was looking forward to seeing that old Scotty of his. Too bad he pulled it
from the bag.

don blem says:

Fantastic little chat / review of his equipment. I’m loving these colabs –
good for all of you guys and great for all of us. more more more :-)

Matthias Gold says:

swing looks so effortless and is crazy long! love it! 

Michael Rolton says:

Smooth swinging, long hitting Andy – awesome stuff. Where does he teach

Adolfo Zayas says:


Ian Simcox says:

95 yards with a 58?!! Jeez, mine goes about 75, and I’m not a short hitter.

rebel4669 says:

Andy swings it smoother than Ernie Els and hits it a mile! Effortless. I am
completely jealous.

Charles Balce says:

Good to see ya again Andy…

matt barto says:

Boom! Love the swing. Cheers.

seth anderson says:

New shoes?

Magix15 says:

Very impressive Andy! I’m working a lot on my swing at the moment and I’d
love to find that tempo you have.

Well done Rick as always! Keep the content flowing.

Scott HD says:

best video i have ever watched

David Couch says:

Amazingly smooth and slow tempo swing yet absolutely launches it. 

André Fröjd says:

How can Andy swing so calm and smooth but still get the distance?

BaileyCottleGolf says:

Interesting to see Andy is still knocking round the old Lethal ball. Hasn’t
decided on playing Tour Preferred or Tour Preferred X yet. 

Seth Winstead says:

3. 3. 7. Good LORD, Proudman!!! 

Phil McIver says:

Really love Andy’s smooth as silk swing. Very Ernie Els like

Nick says:

watching Andy swing is a lesson in itself, looks effortless

James Crawford says:

Great distance in such a controlled way. Nice. 

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Fantastic distance with a gentle-looking swing. He’s done it not by
changing his tempo but with some technical changes to his swing path and
angle of attack. That’s what Finchy should’ve done. MAMG did a swing
analysis of him where they told him the changes required to optimise his
already-high swing speed. That would’ve been a better ‘quest’ imo.

edleyfinning says:

That swing looks so effortless, and almost slow from that angle, but he
just booms it with the driver.

vleeflo1 says:

Andy, you sneaky bastard! You’ve been holding out on us loyal subscribers.
Who knew. Tickled it 337. You da man Andy! What else can we say.

Rob Marsh says:

Is the right to left a common shape for better players, you all seem to do
it ? Very few hit fades as standard it seems..

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

I love ricks face he looked baffled on that drive just like me. Tickles it
just the 337 haha

Vici Martynov says:

Great bag Andy. I think i have found a kindred spirit. I too love my lob
wedge best in the bag and use a 2 wedge system. I have a simple Ping Anser
putter. I also like simple chrome irons and find my hybrid more or less
makes my 3 wood redundant. However, I am not keen on drivers and will
probably replace either the driver or 3 wood with a 1 driving iron. I seem
to have become a long iron groupie ;-)

pretecsh says:

Mind = blown. Driver clubhead speed is 118, but it looks like it’s around
80. GC2 calibrated to show impressive numbers? I know Proudman is damn
good, but this is…interesting.

liam f says:

How on earth a teaching pro not know his numbers ?
What else do they do all day except for buggering about at driving ranges

whogg0521 says:

Amazingly smooth swing for 118 MPH. Awesome!!

Stephen Butler says:

What a great, effortless swing +Meandmygolf +Rick Shiels PGA

Lee Mills says:

Andy, great tempo and effortless, put a bit more juice in the swing 350yds
no problem. piers, beat that,

heshmaster says:

Andy is a dream.

Petri Keskitalo says:

Great swing!
How does he get 1600 spin with level angle of attack and that clubhead
speed? Tell me it’s the club (so i can buy it)

M.A. Hartsfield says:

Mizunos are life

Anthony C says:

Andy needs to get on tour with those numbers.

Johnathan Ansonia says:

Great vid

Craig Anderson says:

I would like to see “what’s in the bag” focus some on what’s in the entire
bag. For instance, I carry some coins from every country I’ve played, my HS
graduation tassel, and a couple other unique items. I think there is some
entertainment value there to get a peek at some of the strange things
people keep in there bags. Just a thought, great video!

l says:

excellent video guys in fact the best in the bag to date i have seen 🙂 how
on earth has somebody give the vid a thumbs down??? Cross….. springs to

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