Mens Health : Belly Off Workout The Body Weight Routine.part 1

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By Men's Health Magazine, this mostly body-sculpting program requires no extra equipment (you'll use your own body weight for resistance). It features gym-style supersets — three different exercises performed in a precise sequence, and then repeated. There's nothing fancy or hard to follow; you'll re-shape your body with familiar exercises like push-ups, squats, mountain climbers and ab crunches. The ending aero/tone segment boosts fat-burning by blending short cardio “bursts” into the muscle toning exercises. David Jack is an exceptionally friendly and clear instructor.

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Great Life40 says:

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GTA King says:

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Fitness4London says:

Great workout, I do variations of these with my clients. You can add
resistance with a pair of ankle/wrist weights.

Markus H says:

Fuck this! I just lift heavy shit.

Chunky Lafunga says:

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