MENTAL GAME….not on point!! Lumine Pro-Am Review – Round Two

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MENTAL GAME….not on point!! Lumine Pro-Am Review – Round Two

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Ross Murray says:

Are you allowed to practice on the course during a tournament? I get that the final round is not on that course again but just wondered what the ruling is?

Fortunalux says:

Augustin Dragon is such a great name.

Paul Seaton says:

Oh dear just seen ricks score +49 after 3 days not good times ?

Tim Kirk says:

Great video again Peter!
Great to bump into you at the airport today too!!
Keep em coming!!!
Cheers – Tim.

Dirk Koritzius says:

Which Song is this at 5.10?

jack jones says:

It’s so laughable rick Shiels calls himself a “professional” golfer yet he shot 41 over and thus averaged a 13 handicap over 3 rounds

John Sadler says:

OK Pete, I'm not a Pro but I watch you and think there's not much wrong but I think we are all falling into the trap of paralysis by analysis. We over think and don't rely on muscle memory from practice and lessons. Golf at the pointy end is a head game. I was a Swimmer and part time Diver and my diving coach always said to do it as you practiced .. don't try for more, just relax. Hey easy for me to say but be confident in the work you've done and relax. Good luck matey … you seem resilient so you are on the way.

Golf Journey to Pro says:

Like your honesty Pete not an easy thing to do! I personally think the mental game is all that’s missing. ??

dicey151 says:

Flying a drone over someone’s head when about to take a shot.. lol

difquin says:

High hopes for round 3, we all root for you! I'm positive you'll be handing in a solid 72 before the end of the day 🙂

Mental game is my own achilles heel. It sometimes takes just one bad stroke to drain all the positive energy and motivation. When that happens, I try and focus on the scenery – draw inspiration and serenity from nature.

Addendum: It would seem, that the MyRoundPro app isn't available everywhere. I get the message "can't be installed in your handset's country" (Denmark).

Steve Thom says:

Great Video Pete, I don´t really get it why you cut the scoreboard just before we see Rick´s result. We all know what he played, and One of the Reason i m watching you2 guys, it is because i have the Feeling that you take us on a Journey, with good and bad Moments. We are all hoping to see a Hole in 1 for you mate, and we are all happy sometimes to see you struggle. I get it, Rick must be in a terrible mood after Shooting 2x 88, but that´s life, and this is the Journey i m following on your and his "partner" channel. If i wanted "only good shots" and staged vlog i would go over to MeAndMygolf… Keep up the good work Pete. Swing looking awesome.

W At W's Place says:

Hi Peter, my guess on the short putts (since pace became an issue) you may have became handise . On the longer putts you probably used your shoulders, bigger muscles vs small. Play Well

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