Mickelson Rose 17th Hole Ryder Cup 2012 Final Day Medinah

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uberanto says:

Bit of a shame that the first two shouts you hear when Rose putts are

Ken O'Neill says:

*Incredible, Rose continued to be a thorn in their side in Gleneagles too.*

Embraer666 says:

That shut them up :)

chris hemsley says:

What a night that was. 

OurTimeIsNow says:


Steve Marcus says:

Wow… Great Video. Something to remember for a lifetime. 

timothy bintlon says:

it was to halve the hole, not the match.

David Keenan says:

As a European it’s impossible not to respect Phil, but what Justin & Ian
did to the US last year was criminally great. Now Justin’s just won the
Major that Phil wants to win above all others, with Phil tied for second
for the sixth time We may not be in a second age of The Big 3, but golf at
the moment is sintilating. My sincere wish is that the golfing gods decide
to contrive to pair Segio & Tiger, and Justin & Phil in the 3rd round at
Muirfield next month My hopes are that Ian Poulter wins

RegionRatForever says:

No it was to win the hole and square the match.

nicolrobertbaird says:

Great Clip……It’s only sport I know but what a moment I listened to this
on BBC radio (ain’t got the sports channels), the commentators made rose’s
shot seem like a difficult two-putt… When it went in the hole they said
he celebrated by saying repeatedly “that’s what I do” Which, if true, is
just so simple and so different to the Duval 19-fist pump celebration at
Brookline. IMO

TheGolfer231 says:

awesome video

Kevin Clancy says:

Fantastic place to be, Great view of one of those putt’s that will live in
the memory for a very very long time. Also and most important for me is to
repeat what Mogermania posted. PM’s reaction was top class, Golf and sport
for that matter played they way it should be played.

John E Ping says:

Best seat in the house! Unreal!

TheGolfer231 says:

Funny looking back now and they both won majors this year

His Terix says:

Much respect to PM for his reaction

Jim Neave says:

It wasn’t to half the match, it was to make it all square. Rose won the
18th hole and won the match 1up. Good video though.

John E Ping says:

Excellent point.

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