Mid/High Handicap Golfer Playing Lesson – Part 1/2

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How much does a mid/high handicap golfer take from an on course playing lesson? You can spend a fortune on the latest Titleist driver, the latest Taylormade Woods, the latest Callaway Irons is an expensive Scotty Cameron putter, but does it necessary improve your golf, make you a better player and lower your handicap? No.

In this video I take Liam, a 20 handicap golfer out onto the golf course. Teach him a few different shots, what to do what not to do. And take a look at things you wouldn’t necessarily look at on a driving range lesson.

If you want to see more of this then let me know. Massive thanks to Liam for being such a great sport!

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Andrew McGowan says:

Great video , you can learn loads from an on course lesson ?

The PNW Rider says:

Didn’t teach Liam the hand or foot wedge ? LOL

Tye Eggleston says:

I have a pretty sound game, I only have 3 issues I need to work on….Driving, Chipping, and Putting. Other than that Im Good.

Jacob Streiff says:

He looks a smidge like the big show

k9feces says:

3:12 please translate

Sloe Bone says:

I guarantee you, if an average player had a tour player pick his clubs, read the greens and tell him where to hit it, he could drop 5-10 shots off his round instantly. Players work on their swing constantly but ignore good strategy. They know how to hit the ball but they don’t know how to play the game.

Paul Curotto says:

Great video James. Well done Liam very brave to have your course lesson filmed.

Eric Hurt says:

Solid Video as always. Question I have, are you gonna make video on your swing? I notice your swing is different then most.

Tony Westwell says:

Well done Liam, must have been nervy being on camera. I do think an on course lesson would help me personally as when I practice all seems OK, put a course in front of me and all hell breaks loose.

Mark Sheehan says:

Nice video! It's definitely the way to go in the future re lessons because coaches will get to see how the golfer plays in different situations rather just hitting balls from a mat at ranges

Duncan Sheffield says:

Can I have a on course lesson I am in Halifax ?

Mark Spriggs says:

Great vid, lessons are all well and good but if you only attempt to apply them in your Medal you’ll be all over the place. A course lesson applying those learnt techniques is how to improve your game, particularly for mid to high handicappers. Well done Liam and keep it going James ?

Dan Garner says:

Great part 1 James! By all means do many more of these vids please. There is always a couple pearls of wisdom buried in these types of vlogs. Liam seems like your average Joe, both 'fantastic' and "What am I'm doing?" type of everyday golfer. Fix his challenges and you fix ours. Thanks for the effort you put into this channel. Please keep it going.

Alan Jordan says:

Where are you going on you trip? Somewhere interesting? I'm in Scotland!

Larry Corum says:

Nice video. I’d love to do a playing lesson with my coach sometime.

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