Mike Austin Detailed Hand Action for Hitting Draws and Fades

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Mike Austin was a firm believer that the hands (‘hons') played a pivotal role in the golf swing. Some coaches believe the hands are completely passive and that the clubface squares up just from body turn and handle path, but they are simply incorrect.

The hand action also has a big role in controlling the curve of a shot. Here I demonstrate how to work the ball both ways and the exact muscles actions needed to do it.

Fading a drive with the Austin release is especially different because we do it without pulling the left arm through or holding off the release of the hands.

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winston yong says:

Hmmm….this macho golfer is going to start playing frisbee. ????

Dave Mathews says:

Excellent video, Steve! Can you share the role of the right hand in this process, or is it just along for the ride? Very simple explanation but effective! Thanks!

Chili Dippa Golf says:

Great discription of working the ball with the hands instead of trying to change the swing path and/or closing or opening the face in the setup.

Robert Van Dusen says:

Is the fade like the “shauger” release?

Jason Jump says:

Fantastic video! I think it always helps folks to see the golf swing in other activities they may be familiar with already.

Frozen Divots says:

Steve, stop showing the truth…you make other golf ‘gurus’ look bad…?

John Pritchard says:

Utterly brilliant. The demo with the disc knocked me out. I've watched hundreds and hundreds of golf vids on YouTube and this is in the top 5 easily. The hand action seems to be altering the lateral tilt of the club face (as opposed to opening or closing) to mimic the way it would naturally be if the ball were below the feet for a fade or above the feet for a draw. Even if that's not the case the ideas must work as the disc throws showed. Very impressed Steve.

James Roberge says:

Thanks for this. Could you please do a similar video on the hand action required for hitting low and high shots?

Bart Buitenhuis says:

Now do both away from the camera starting with the frisbee in a horizontal position.

charly yoo says:

This is the best explanation of how to move the ball! Hopefully I can add this into my game with practice of these motions you shared here. Thank You.

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