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  1. Best irons ever played and looks awesome. Looking to upgrade to the mp5 but these mp32 are so pure, it's hard to take them out of the bag. Been playing with them for over a decade and so far two of my golf buds ending up switching to mizuno mp type blades after trying my clubs. WOULD LOVE TO SEE A REVIEW OF THE MP32 VS MP5, SOMEBODY PLEASE!! Honestly could use the mp32 for another decade or more but the mp5 looks so nice making me want to upgrade. When you hit mp32 in the sweet spot, it feels like you are hitting a ball made of cold butter. ANDREW, WOULD YOU MAKE A REVIEW OF THE MP32 VS MP5??? I know its different generation but nobody has made a video comparison. If I'm not upgrading to the mp5, I'm not just upgrading at all, will just stick to the mp32.

  2. Really enjoyed the Classic Review. Played these clubs a couple of years ago and they're really amazing. Can you do a classic Driver test? Titleist 983K vs current day. Hit the blades fine but playing the 460cc head, i can't get consistent with it. Thinking of gaming a sub 400 driver.

  3. ? first pay day in 2005 i bought a set of these for £579. Amazing set but as soon as you got to 3 or 4 iron in the hand oh dear ?
    Great trip down memory lane though thanks Andrew

  4. I’m looking at getting my mizuno mp32s regripped and just looking for some advice on which grips to go for?they currently have tour velvet grips from manufacture so as I’m sure you can guess they are getting worn.

  5. I’ve had these clubs for probably a decade playing on and off during this time and I love them. These clubs give you so much feedback, When you pure the clubs it feels amazing, when you get it wrong the clubs let you know with some finger stings.
    For a beginner these are far from ideal but will grow with the golfer!

  6. I just pulled my MP32's out of the bag that I've been playing for 10 years. I will never get rid of them. I purchased a set of MP25's recently to replace them. What a great set of irons the 32's were. However I think any player starting out should have a nice forgiving set of cavity back irons. Nobody should start with a blade. I think you should work your way to a blade as you get better.

  7. There's no doubt about it. With Mizuno especially, you can tell where you're making contact with a blade/player's cavity and that has only helped me with my ballstriking. I've played golf my whole life but only when I started using a set of Mizuno blades did I really start to figure out how to swing and make contact with the ball. I stayed away for years because I thought I wasn't good enough to use them. Just gotta practice.

  8. If these are good for a beginner depends on the person. If they are serious about learning a good swing and ball striking, the feedback and demands of the club will help them improve. If they do not/cannot learn a good swing, these will be very frustrating clubs to hit and may be discouraging and push them away from the game.

  9. Thank you for posting this. I own multiple sets of the MP-32 and many will make the case that the MP-32 is the best forging Mizuno ever had.

  10. ive been playing golf for 5 years started on 26 handicap using chunky cavity backs after 2 years of handicap coming down and going back up i switched to a set of cobra amp forged pure blades they completely changed they way i play ive managed to get cut to a 13 handicap i will always play forged from now on the feedback you get is alot better

  11. I played a lot of golf as a junior and then took a looong (25+ years) break due to work interfering. When I came back about 8 months ago I bought a cheap set of Brosnan clubs to get me back in the swing as they are what i used as a kid. I hated them due to the clunky nature (My junior Brosnan clubs were much closer to blades), no feedback and no ability to work the ball. I would either block left or right but always straight. I picked up a very well maintained set of MP-32 which I absolutely loved hitting. Feedback on these clubs and feel on centered strike was phenomenal. As soon as I started hitting them my golf improved no end and I really started working on club path and face control. Since then I have been playing better than I did as a youngster. I would highly recommend a bladish type club as starter set. There is so much variety in clubs now but I feel beginners playing GI clubs doesn't quite cut the cake. You need feedback as a starter. If you don't know where you are striking the ball how can you improve? I think GI clubs are more for people who know how to play but need the extra distance or forgiveness due to factors beyond their control like age or injury etc.

  12. Blades are the best clubs to start with. Right away you will understand that squaring up the Clubface is your goal for a good swing. When the sweet spot is hit for the first time, and the ball flys straight out, your very proud indeed. I learned this way and I’m sure you did as well Andrew. Thanks for all your great videos this year. Merry Christmas .

  13. I grew up in the 70s and my dad gave me some MacGregor blades which I learned on and played well with. When my son starts playing he can have my MP 69s to learn with. I think golf shaft, lie and weighting is more important than iron design, being fitted for the right shaft can help anybody find the middle if they have any inkling of athleticism.

  14. I think that for most people, the idea that blades or smaller sized cavity back irons are difficult to hit is mostly in their head.  If you start out hitting the big SGI or GI irons, anything smaller looks scary, but once most people get over that they might find they hit a smaller iron just as well – no worse no better. Many amateur golfers can hit their 3 wood better than their driver, yet the head of the driver is so much larger. Food for though.

    The only areas I really see "game improvement" irons actually improving the game of anyone is when they have trouble getting the ball airborne with any height resulting in the ball not going very far for them. GI and SGI irons will definitely help with in that area. If you have a slow swing speed GI irons might be for you; otherwise, they likely won't improve anything about your game.

  15. The more I play, and test various clubs, the more I believe it doesn’t really matter. If I hit a crap strike with any type of iron, I seem to lose about the same number of yards. I heard somewhere recently, someone said cavity back Irons should be called distance improvement, not game.

  16. I think it is all relative. If you were a new player from between 1940 to the mid to late 1970's these were the kinds of irons you would be using. The game of golf grew over that period, and I doubt if handicaps are significantly lower now than what they were then. If these bladed irons were all you knew and had access to you had to make them work for you.

  17. i think u maby learn to strike the ball better if u start with a bladed club. the downside with a gi club could be that it is harder to feel off centre hits. but im not sure that it would be for everyone anyhow.

  18. Hello Andrew, nice video as always. I believe there are pro's and cons starting golf and in general with blades. To start golf it would be easier to start with a club with a longer blade.

    I've got a set of MP33 that I still use, next to my set of MP15, they still feel and play amazing. The MP33 Pitchin wedge loft is 48 degrees to the 46 degrees of my MP15 pitching wedge. The 2 degrees difference throughout the sets gives me options to play with diffent set setups depanding on different courses and conditions, which I like. These iron sets feel and look almost the same over the ball. But nothing beats the look of a classic Mizuno blade in my opinion. Also love the MP32.

  19. Begs the question-who would sell these player's irons to a beginner? 2004 isn't that long ago, lot's of good GI clubs around then, I think I had a set of TM R7 XD's at that time-nice clubs, long. The Mizuno's are beaties, great vid.

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