Mizuno CLK Hybrid the longest Hybrid in Golf??

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Mizuno CLK Hybrid not just a Review.
A video Review that shows just how important having the right setup can make to playing good golf. Struggle with long irons no longer and seriously consider how a well fitted hybrid can transform your long approach play.

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Rory Smyth says:

Have a 16 degree cranked down to 15 degrees and have replaced my 3 wood with this. Cannot believe how much better this club is working for me. Comes off like a rocket and a great driver replacement

Col Br says:

Hi Jay, saw this review a while ago and remembered how good it was. Always loved the long irons but have recently been considering hybrids. Thought I would take a look at this vlog again. Have to say it rates as the most useful of hybrid reviews out there. Thanks so much for the work you put into it.

Ian Soady says:

Thanks, good video and explanation of where clubs like this can fit. Should have done the same test today with the CLKs/ JPX 900s but the snow got in the way!

Chris O'Brien says:

Thank you . Best Review of this club.??

Andrew Thomas says:

A very informative video. Just wanted to ask why you choose to use the 3 and 4 and weaken them both by 2 degrees, instead getting the 4 and 5 and strengthening them by 1 degree. You would still have the same 21 and 24 degree lofts, would both options play the same?

John Dunne says:

I got myself a 3 and 4 CLK for Christmas. Still in love with them. Haven't had to play with the lofts yet.

John says:

Jay GREAT information ty ty ty

Patrick Slamin says:

Found my old hybrid to be a complete hook machine, so ended up putting a 3 iron back in. Have read the CLK plays more like an iron shape wise – did you find this as well?

Garlito Mac An Airchinnigh says:

Great video. I bought the 22 before Christmas! Very happy with it! I would like it if it sat slightly flatter! Is this done by adjusting the club to the -1U setting?

Steven Ziegler says:

You mentioned that you're not "shaft sensitive"…what would happen if you hit a regular flex? Aside from feel…what affect on flight, distance, dispersion, etc. would you expect to see?

The reason I ask, is because I've been fitted for regular flex throughout the bag…slow swing speed (90mph driver, high 80s in woods, mid 80s in hybrids, low 80s in irons and high 70s in wedges), but (a) I'm working on increasing swing speed in the off-season and (b) I have wedge flex (stiff) in my wedges and I LOVE it. I can also send my wedges much further in those stiffer shafts than my previous wedges that were in my iron shafts (regular). I got about 8-10 more yards out of each wedge. It's making me wonder what will happen when I get my swing speed up a bit.

Any thoughts you have on flexes, when to change, what to look for, penalties/rewards of being softer or stiffer than "you should be" etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Potter Golf says:

Great review and a fantastic insight into how the fitting will benefit golfers of all ability. I'm looking myself of changing irons to the MP18-MMC with a Fli-Hi 5i and possibly those as hybrids of a 3 & 4. As you're searching for a distance, I too am looking for one as I need a 200yd club. This video will certainly influence me to try these now and get fitted as I've already got the specs from Mizuno for the irons.
Thank you

Adam Flynn says:

Yeah i dunno what mizuno are feeding their hybrids…i just smile when people look at my mizuno woods+hybrids and say mizuno only make good irons.
And the loft adjustments really work so you can dial them right in ?
To solve your gapping i use an adjustable 5 wood and drop a degree off it (make it 1 degree stronger)
And the wave soles ONLY have the digging effect if you push them into the ground Jay so bloody stop it ?
Good clubs though and a great review cheers ?

danthemanwhocancan says:

Wasn’t aware of these. Thanks for the good review

Paul White says:

Great review.

Richard T says:

Thanks for the review. I have struggled with higher iron gaps as well. Seems like I hit a wall at the 4 iron. 3 and 4 iron hit about the same distance. I could definitely benefit with hybrids above 5 iron. I might start looking at these Mizuno CLKs. Do the JPX 900s adjust too? I had an old Adams XTD 26 Ti hybrid that had an adjustable sleeve. It played well but the adjustment sleeve really didn't seem to offer much distance control. I'm curious to see how much distance control these Mizunos have.

hawkey100 says:

Is there a draw bias with these hybrids ?

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