Mizuno Custom Iron Assembly

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Mizuno Custom Iron Assembly, Mark Crossfield take a tour around the Mizuno Fitting plant in Scotland where all the custom fit and more is done. See how Mizuno golf clubs arrive to your golf bag in the perfect fit and specs. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's easy to understand and watch golf videos.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Mizuno Custom Iron Assembly: http://youtu.be/pjYSE6AWYZ0

Andrew Mitchell says:

Absolutely love your video’s, Mark. I really consider your opinion whenever
looking for a new product for the bag. Keep it up!

btw: can we get an update to the “in the bag” 

Eduardo Gonzalez says:

Great video . Bought jpx 850 forged irons because of your review. Love them

Giancarlo Belfiore says:

European custom equipment is assembled at Mizuno’s Cumbernauld Facility, in
Scotland – the home of golf. This ensures the quickest possible service
within Europe, whilst maintaining strict quality control.

Procedures and working practices strictly follow those of Mizuno’s custom
line in Yoro Japan. The Scotland factory is know as ‘little Yoro’ within

Within the UK custom iron sets are despatched within 5-7 working days of
receiving a European order. Delivery times will vary dependent on
retailer’s location and working practices.

Lengths / Swingweights

– For most iron models Mizuno offer lighter weight heads which can be used
to keep the swing weight to a standard balance for club lengths up to +1/2″
longer. Anything longer than that and the swing weight will increase above
the recommended balance. (As a rough calculation, every extra 1/2″ in
length will increase the swingweight by 3 balance points).

Irons can be built from 1″ shorter than standard up to a maximum of 2″
longer than standard.
Woods can be built +/- 1″ from standard length but the swingweight will
increase by 3 points for every +1/2″ and reduce by 3 points for every -1/2″.

Loft and Lie adjustment

Mizuno irons can be adjusted to varying degrees depending on model and
material type. In some cases, due to the softness of our forgings,
“craftsman’s” marks on the hosels may result from bending them to the
required loft / lie.

Any adjustment to loft will alter the bounce angle on the sole. Making the
loft stronger will increase the offset and reduce the bounce angle.
For possible adjustments to particular models, please refer to the model
Iron lofts can be adjusted up to 2 degrees stronger than standard (note:
making the loft stronger willincrease the offset and reduce the bounce
angle of the sole).
No loft or lie adjustments can be made to drivers or fairway woods.
No loft angle adjustment is possible for MP-H4, JPX 825, JPX EZ, JPX
Wedges, JPX Fli-Hi and Hybrid models.

Grips / Grip thickness

Mizuno fit .580 core grips as standard to all men’s steel shafts with the
exception of Dynamic Gold R300 (as they have a smaller butt size a .560 is
Grips can be thickened with up to 5 layers of tape (Tour Velvet Midsize is
equivalent to about 5 tapes).

James Tupper says:

awesome video. makes me feel even better about the quality of my mizuno

Melissa Wallace says:

Personal Opinion- Ping is better at custom. But Mizuno makes a nice club. I
own both.

June Keeler says:

just a joke mark..you remind me of timmy mallet….sorry great vid forgive

Vincent Sandford says:

Great video. I play with Mizuno TP19 (old I need new ones) and fascinating
to see how they are assembled. Are you sure you can regrip?

3DGvisuals says:

Mark’s a lefty who plays right handed?! Well I never knew that.

drakey27 says:

Mp59’s for me! Im saving up! I still have my old tp9’s from 1992! 

peter moralee says:

Asked for logo down on my MP 4 grips the managed to do that unfortunately
they assembled them with ribbed grips very poor very poor MIZUNO ribbed
alignment on the top of the grip uninterested rubbish

Mox_au says:

Just ordered a set of these. I had 53s and decided to try out AP2, didn’t
like em, too clippy feeling. Then tried Apex Pro, literally sounded like a
gun going off and didn’t like the feel of the carpenter steel, then tried X
Hot Pro from last season but hated the project x flighted shafts and wasn’t
rapt in the feel. Conclusion?….I will never change from Mizuno again.

ecgrem says:

Bruce’s 7 iron will work like magic now its had gods touch 

Ken Gardner says:

Interesting, I never noticed you were a lefty before Mark. Curious why you
don’t swing from the other side too?

Eugene Robson says:

Haha that grip looked hard work Mark, red faced and everything lol

David Wayne says:

I bet he had to take a sleeping pill the day before he went here he was so

Jazzy Bee says:

This guy Mark should have his own weekly 30 min TV show.

Andrew Foulds says:

Bruce you lucky git

Jay Smooth says:

Got my JPX 800 pros last year. Love them!!! Feel is great and shot shaping
is simple. 

LBGOLF says:

Ordered a brand new set of JPX825 Irons yesterday! Can’t wait to get the
call to say they have arrived! 

mcdijnh2 says:

Fascinating stuff Mark. Mizuno really are the bees knees!

mmaker1337 says:

haha rip in peace bruce irons

Cheryl Badger says:

Loved the tour Mark! Love…Love…Love my Mizunos. Even more of an
appreciation now!

Will Galvin says:

holy crap….you make this look extremely hard to regrip a club

peartfaldo says:

Wheres Faldo???

Jason Livingstone says:

Great video Mark! Can’t wait to order my first set of Mizuno’s.

Martin Maughan says:

Mark – you signed the box of balls with your left hand!….Ever tried
playing lefty?
Let’s see a ‘stuck in’ video of Mark smashing balls lefty ; )

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