Mizuno Golf 650 Hybrid Rescue

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Mizuno Golf 650 Hybrid Rescue reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark hits the better player 650 from Mizuno golf and talks about how this hybrid/ rescue could help you get the best ball flight for your golf game.

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DrM says:

Just picked this club up used at PGA store and love it. Best feeling hybrid I have ever hit.

Tom Neden says:

Can you compare this to some other hybrids?

TXchadTX says:

Hit this club yesterday – I was surprised by it. Simple look and classic feel. Love the square to open setup. Classy looking club

Peter B says:

He bums mizuno clubs

JWalk says:

as always, great review mark!…side note, if you want a good laugh, turn on the transcribe audio feature and watch this..thank me later

ManupNgrowapair says:

Fantastic array of video knowledge you're compiling. I love that you mentioned the old CLK in this video, as I still have a 20* fli-hi in my bag! It's a very handy club that even works from the tee box on a few instances.

Sam Winstanley says:

They are really similar clubs I tried both for quite a while settling on the 650 but it was a close thing and I loved both. What swung me towards the 650 was the more muted sound and a slightly better feel of where on the face I was striking the ball out of the 2, it feels just slightly more iron like to me.

RoCkDaRiM1 says:

Can u do a video on irons similar to ap2's please

coopsycooper says:

cleveland mashie please likes so mark sees

Movado says:

I like the hybrids they are easier to hit then the longer irons. You get a nice loft on the 21 degree with good control.

doombreed69 says:

Hi Mark,
How about some putter reviews? Or tips on the various types of putter shapes there are.

Sam Winstanley says:

I've been using this club for 2 months, it's been great for my game, it's a good weight and it feels a lot like an iron in the hand not really light like some hybrids.

Similarly I can really work the trajectory with this club and hit a low ball into the wind with it or hit a high one if I want. I currently only have 1 (a 24*/4 hy which has replaced my 3 iron). I might well get another lower lofted one as well once the sweepstake money builds up a bit more.

seth lomison says:

im looking at a new hybrid. what kind do you think i should git?

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