Mizuno Golf Irons JPX825, Pro, MP64, MP59, MP69 H4

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Mizuno Golf Irons JPX825, Pro, MP64, MP59, MP69 H4, Mark Crossfield hits the complete iron range for 2012/2013 from Mizuno Golf. See which iron might suit your golf game as Mark walks you through each club from the range. This is another interactive video where you control which iron you would like to see Mark hit by simply clicking on the images around the video.


Dan Mowry says:

lol – Mark – you may want to check the automatic captioning here on your
Youtube video. “Let’s get stuck in” gets translated into an *entirely*
different expression. :)

Julius B. says:

HI mark ,
my handicap is in the 20 range could you make a video of the best irons for
that range.

Noah Branch says:

Hey Mark, love the videos. Often my coach will give me advice, and your
videos really help me to fully grasp what he says. I’m fifteen years old
and roughly a 12 handicap. I am playing the Adams Idea Pro Forged irons
right now and plan on switching to Mizuno soon. I wanted to mix MP-64s
(pw-5) with MPH4s (4-3). People continually tell me this set is too good
for me and whatnot (my coach they will help me improve my game). Just
wondering your thoughts.
Thanks, Noah

PMonty says:

Great review Mark and I love the click on interaction. Well thought out.

cvlyons18 says:

@winterstick549. I think the jpx 825 would be Better for a mid to high
handicapper. They are as forgiving as some clubs on the market so there is
some workability. As far as your height , you just need to get custom fit.
Mizuno actually runs at the “standard”. Most manufacturers strength lofts
and lengthen clubs to give you more distance. Always get fit. Makes a huge

Adam Schwarz says:

hey mark, I was wondering if you have any drills for working on my left
wrist getting flat at the top of my back swing? Thank you mark love the

Scott Mensi says:

Mark, how do you feel about companies including mizuno (JPX) jacking up
lofts. I was reading some research about this and it suggested that the
lower lofts are necessary because of the cog and moi enhancements in these
game improvement irons, otherwise “normal” lofts would cause ballooning.
Great vids and I am looking forward to more 2013 product reviews.

peartfaldo says:

Still use the MP 14s. Bought them in 1994 and still love them.

Salazama says:

Looking to get some new mizuno irons, currently playing the mx-23’s. Have
been looking at the jpx-825’s and 825 pro. I like the look of the 825 pro,
but there is one problem. The Pro line does not come in left handed so I’ve
never been able to try them. I have hit a few balls with the 825 cast irons
and i like the ball flight and sound.. The ball really springs off the club
face. I a little worried about going from a forged iron to these cast
irons. I’m curious what you would recommend.

Charlie Colosimo says:


David Malfara says:

I’ve often wondered the same thing. What do you think Mark, is it a good
idea to train with a bladed club? The Little One (from PSP golf) basically
works on this premise – i.e., if you train with a smaller/harder to hit
club that you will get better strikes with your own irons. Would love to
hear your thoughts!

gbvoul says:

fitters only have 678 iron heads. so i do i try an H4 3iron that’s 2
degrees upright?

itubeutude says:

Mark, do you think blade clubs like the 69 are a good teaching tool for
high handicapers?

bigtank616 says:

what would you say is the highest handicap is for the mp h4? please respond
im looking to buy


Also will you ever demo miura irons in the future or any other customs like
scratch for example?

Nic Rep says:

When do you think you will have videos out of the new 2013 taylormade range?

9tube1 says:

A Mizuno lovers dream! I agree with mcdijnh2. After playing Mizuno – with
such a broad range of offerings – I don’t understand why people would play
any other irons, regardless of their handicap. These really are “the bees

Louis DeSantis says:

Could you please compare ball speed and shot distance between JPX 825 and
MP H4?

OxKoR says:

For people whon

Winterstick549 says:

Do you find the 800s will grow with your game? I’m a rookie, but improving
quickly. My current irons are Ping Eye 2 blue dots which I received for
free, and they seem okay for my skill level for now, but I’m 6’2″ and
wonder if they may be a little short.

kevin d says:

If anyone is interested, I have 2 sets of mp-h4’s I’m looking to get sell.
3-pw dg s300 men’s rh. $1000 CAD plus shipping. Inbox me if your interested

Iggy Iggles says:

Where’s the 53 Mark? I know you switched, but there’s still no direct
replacement for them in the MP line.


Do the 59’s look the same as the 64’s from the top line as in thinness?
Have my fitting next weekend. Just curious. I was pretty much sold on the
64’s but if the 59 is that close to the 64 i will consider it.

Mark Rice says:

I’ve hit the Taylormade rocket balz… I’ve hit the Nikes and the
Tiltlest… I don’t know how they stay in business, or WHO would buy those
clubs… I’m almost 60, and played golf since I was 14. There is SO MUCH
crap out there. I’ve played Mizuno on and off for 30 years and can say
they’re the best clubs out there, bar none. If you don’t think so, it’s
because you watch too much TV!…LOL… Don’t be a ‘sales pitch’ sucker!

OxKoR says:

For people who live in Europe and wants do buy clubs at USA prices go to
golfclubseurope they are realy cheap. I ordered my clubs there and I got
them without any problems. ( You can buy the H4 there )

MrMario1111 says:

Mark your the man! keep up the work and you will help a lot of people.

Golf Buddy says:

Mark, love your videos. Just bought a set of 64s and couldn’t love them
more. Keep up the great work!

Erik Grönlund says:

It would have been interesting to see a comparison between the JPX-825 and
Nike VR Pro Cavity. You have never tried the Nike clubs. thank you!

Mark Crossfield says:

I would not say my hands are low or even high, maybe you are seeing it from
a different camera angle which makes you see them as low. I do not teach
that, I teach golfers to control the clubface to the club path while at the
same time controlling the angle of attack.

Jack Sean says:

even though your hitting those mp69 s mark it still looks like you hit the
ball really crisp and pure

majorsmythe1 says:

I just put the Mizuno MP 60 BACK in the bag, dont change, the MP 60 are
great. I just dont think Mizunos newer irons are as good. The MP 60 is just
great, Nick Faldo has said that the MP60 is the best iron he ever hit,
theres only so much manufacturers can do with irons, despite what the golf
“salesman” say. Get some MP 60s or some Titleist Cb;s, get some lessons and
you’re on your way.

Quintin Carr says:

Would the MP-69 irons be good for a 6 Handicap with good ball striking?

onthefly247 says:

I felt that the 69s were just as soft as the 64s and mishits had the
similar results.

Esoxfan says:

I felt that the MP 69 was more forgiving on miss hits than the MP 64. Did
anyone else notice this?

Bert says:

Thanks for the comparison video. Always enjoy the mizuno’s iron comparison

Erik Grönlund says:

Thank’s for the video!

tommyangles says:

apple crumble for all!

Louis DeSantis says:

Which would you consider more ‘game improvement’ … JPX 825 Pro or MP H4?

cvlyons18 says:

Love my jpx 800 pros. Switched from titleist and never looked back.

AJCgolf says:

Can you get your hands on Adams cmb forged please!!!!

W. Jones says:

I want the new MP4’s so badly! They look so sleek and are exactly the look
I like to see in an iron.

VaughanGolf says:

could you do this with taylormade and titelist

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