Mizuno Golf Irons | MP 53 | JPX 800 | JXP 800 Pro | MP63 | MP 68

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http://www.4golfonline.com/mizuno-golf-m-1.html Mizuno golf irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield the Exeter golfprofessional. Mark has the full range of Mizuno irons and talks about the range and what each golf club can do for your golf. This has to be the most complete video review of the Mizuno iron range on the internet. Watch Mark hit the different irons from the new JPX80 to the MP 53 and down to the bladed Mizuno MP 68. Watch Mark discuss the changing launch angles off the face as well as the different feel and distance that each golf club could hit. If you are interested in Mizuno Irons then Mark's videos give you all the answers you need to make the right choice for your golf.

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Jake Woods says:

Very honest review the Mark we all know and why he has so many subscribers
totally brill´╗┐

astonglass says:


Jack Spurgin says:

charles howell and brian gay both use the jpx 800 pros they are so good i
have a set

estancia82 says:

@Mrsuperspeshial dont doubt me kid

BoredMan says:

I am currently looking at MP-63, 53, JPX 800 Pro and Titleist AP2’s. All 4
of these clubs had great feel and all seemed to be consistent with distance
from shot to shot. All seemed to be straight. The longest (according to the
computer) was the JPX 800 Pro. Next in length seemed to be the MP-63. The
AP2 and MP-53 were a few yards shorther still. Total difference 10 yds.
MP-53’s may have been short because it was first I hit and wasn’t loose
yet. Will probably buy either JPX 800 Pro or 63

amcsgc says:

Was in the market for irons and used your very informative site as part of
my research. 10 year ping G2 man off 8 Hdc. did a fair amount testing of
Mizuno irons (and others) with varying shafts. i bought the JPX 800 Pro.
They give me the feel and response of a forged iron. More importantly with
the forgiveness of cavity they are not as punishing on my bad shots. Keep
up the great work- great analysis on a great web site! Sligolefty

Henrique Carvalho says:

How do the new MP-53 and JPX-800 Pro compares with the last years MX-200,
MX-300 and MP-52? By the way the MP-68 is also from last year line-up

Mark Crossfield says:

@Nihols1719 What irons did you go for?

christopher case says:

Great reviews – but make some comment on shafts! Muzino MP58, 63 as well as
Titleist AP2 are more available with a stiff shaft – which can be
challenging to hit. Worth mentioning in a review of the club.

nch23 says:

Thank you for the clear explanation of the range and certainly this has
helped me formed an idea of what i need. Mizuno the manufacturer itself
wasnt good at explaining this on their website-i’ve checked their
US/UK/Korea sites but none has done it as well as you did. Thank you again

gbvoul says:

You know all mizuno irons are forged including jpx800?

gazgolf1 says:

Can’t believe Charles Howell uses the JPX 800 Pro.

cliu0921 says:

What are your thoughts on a junior golfer (16) who plays often and plays
tournaments who is thinking about switching from 68 to 63?

Azizul Adenan says:


cliu0921 says:

Love this video. One question. Would you recommend the mp 63s to a junior
golfer who currently plays the mp 68s but is looking for something slightly
easier to hit and slightly more forgiving?

S Rodgers says:

Thanks for the vid.

Brandon Choi says:

Anybody compared MP53 to R9 TP?

Thekevin1961 says:

I have to agree with Azizulannuar is there a review on the MP62? I have a
set and play off 24. With your advice on this video should I be thinking
more of a JPX 800?

Mrsuperspeshial says:

@estancia82 dude your not phil mickleson

mavallarino says:

when you conduct your reviews do you ever cover the “workability” of the
iron, or better, the ability to shape shots with different trajectories?
I’m interested in purchasing a new set of irons but there are no Mizuno
fitters/resellers in my area.

Jeremy Ambrose says:

Absolutely love the break down of the Mizuno line of clubs! I first heard
of the Mizuno brand a few days ago when starting my search for a new set of
irons. I sense your favoritism towards the MP 53’s & I’m leaning towards
that set myself.

estancia82 says:

cliu0921 no i dont recommend that because he or you probably blades them
way over greens with no bite at all sorry but thats the true. your friend,
phil mickelson

blade4life99 says:

what irons would you reccomend for me to try out? i turned 15 in june and
my handicap is 11 but after ive handed my card in i will come down to
exactly 9.6 i am a fairly good ball striker with the irons and i play a
draw on my shots but i sometimes hit my irons too high and loose a bit of
distance i am playing with ping S58’s. i like to have a thinner top than a
chunkier face club. Cheers

timclarkfan14 says:

Clui0921 what do you think of the mp 68 irons.. I am seriously considering
them. How do they feel at impact and how much forgivness or are they a true

NoPlaneSwing says:

I love your Mizuno videos, and completely agree with the MP-53 / JPX Pro
comments. As a 12 handicap, I love my new 53’s, but the ‘shaft optimizer’
is key. I’d heavily recommend it as it made going with the 53’s even easier
once I found the right shaft. Looking forward to more of your Mizuno vids!
Well done.

paulminiter says:

It was very interesting to watch this video as I hit the MP53 , 58 and 63
this afternoon on the range The 53 was lovely and seemed to have a little
more off the face than the 58 and 63 IThe 63 is so sweet and definitely
easier to hit than my current MP62. I will be changing across to the 53
soon as it was a delight to hit and from above , at address, there is so
little to tell you that you something with a bit of assistance as compared
to the 63. I dont see why the 58 is still around

MultiDudeman69 says:

i just got fit for the mp53 and they are sick

timclarkfan14 says:

hello, i am between the mizuno mp 63 and mp 68 could you do a video on
those specific clubs? i am currently shooting 38 on 9 and 75 -77 on 18 and
am ready for a new set also maybe if possible throw in the new taylormade
tpmb that come out in march 2011 thanks and please do this video it will
help me a ton.. we would like to know which has less forgiveness since i
want to become a good ballstriker.. please and thanks, cody

MMA Tycoon says:

Would be cool if you could do this for Ping clubs.

Mark Collins says:

Great review Mark, what irons do you play with Mark?

Mark Crossfield says:

@ambrosej31 You treated yourself to the MP53 irons yet?

PACO7752 says:

I’m looking at new set of irons (16-20 hcpi) and stuck between JPX800,
MP-53, and titleist AP1 and AP2 any suggestions? Also great review love
your videos keep them coming!

A5iaNatorTV says:

Hey Mark Do you think you could do a quick comparison on the Mizuno JPX 800
Pro and R9 TP irons? All I need is how the workability is and some opinions
with pro’s and con’s. That would help a lot! Thanks

Mrsuperspeshial says:

@estancia8 your not phil your a wannabe

dmbtr3 says:

Great job! I’ve been looking at JPX vs JPX-Pro vs MP-53. I’ve never quite
figured out why JPX-Pro vs. MP-53. Nice to hear someone else couldn’t
figure it out either!

duymap12 says:

Good Job! :O

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