Mizuno Golf Swing DNA: Luke Donald testing iron shafts

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There are over 500 Mizuno Swing DNA centres across Europe. Find your local Swing DNA centre at http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/custom/swing-dna.php.


chris cargle says:

Those divots..

jmolson027 says:

Would have liked to see him hit the project x 6.0

Greg F says:

I went through this process, it was awesome, I was using the wrong shaft
for 2 years and the standard lie should have been 2 degrees upright! so
glad i did this.

VWRabbit2008 says:

luke is one of my favorite golfers. loved when he stated how he was the #1
golfer in the world and didnt need a machine to tell him what he needs lol

cikarang5 says:

Have played Mizuno irons for over 20 years but only had a custom fit when
I bought my MP63’s last year, turns out the DG R300’s I have been using
were flat out wrong.Now in dynalite S300 and the strike is so much more
under control.

Mahavishnu80 says:

1.17 ‘youre talkin bollocks mate’

majorsmythe1 says:

Luke really isnt into this. Shaft Optimizer?, more like Shite optimizer
!!!!. No machine should tell you what FEELS best for you. “Golf is about
Feel”-Ben Hogan. Seems all the manufacturers ignore this,,,just to get your

Mox_au says:

Just the tip baby….just the tip

66ott7 says:

So what does Luke play right now? The s300’s i can but of the rack? Or
X100? And are either of them “Tour Issue”.?

StankPunatra says:

So funny, you can tell Luke isn’t into all the bells and whistles this
other dude is selling him

Jahhshhdhdhdj says:

I love his swing! Smoothed relaxed tempo.

Knightlore10 says:

Funny how Danny’s choice of words about Golfonax is Exactly the same word
for word as Tiesha Oberhoefer in the comments section of ultimategolftips
website. What a fake!

AleksiLPhoto says:

Strange…I have almost the exact same swing speed (89) and tempo, and the
rest of the numbers are almost identical, and yet on the Swing DNA display
at the stores it puts Donald MUCH higher than me on the plot chart.

reelyu says:

I got my JPX PRO 800 fitted with the DNA system, it has completely
transformed my game.I went from a 15 handicap to 9 in 6 months, nuff said!

ThotLock says:

Anyone know a link for those Oxford golf shoes?!

Sebastian Zander says:

“I guess I got to number one in the world by not playing the wrong shaft” 😉

WeHaveGoneGlobal says:

Obviously he doesn’t care. Give him an S300 and move on. He’s rank 1st in
the world. He wanted to say “Listen champ, when you get on the tour, come
talk to me. Until then, fuck your X100.”

tsujimasen says:

What was the third shaft he hit? GS95?

Joe Stimpson says:

hes not jewish…

Wannabe Waterman says:

Dear lord someone please tell me what spikes those are. Wingtips are

mcdijnh2 says:

I wish I could swing a golf club like that. He makes it look soooo easy!

mizunogolfeurope says:

lonestargun – you would be surprised how consistent the 5 measurements of a
‘hack’ are with this system. As it doesn’t measure the ball …quality of
strike is unimportant. It’s all about what forces we place on the shaft and
when. That’s something we all tend to repeat.

r sriv says:

Does his swing come with the clubs or…?

studioti says:

I’ve played with an old set of MX-20 w/ DG s300 for years now. Mizuno was
at my local range today.

QuietCheetah says:

please…luke could win with a kids set of clubs

Andrew Sundberg says:

i dont need a stupid ass machine telling me which shafts feel best to me

shredx81 says:

“I guess I got to World No. 1 by being a consistent runner-up & not winning
any majors” I’ve lost a lot of respect for Luke Donald after watching this.

NovaScene says:

I so need to get fitted with this system! Just tried the JPX800PRO on KBS
stiff shaft and after that tried the rifel Projectj-X X-stiff shaft and the
difference is huge on flight-scope. Same head same loft. All club
manufacturers should have this system!

Mobyman690 says:

Had a mizuno fitting today – ended up with MP-59s. I swing a bit slower (i
was half way between donald and the girl on the graph.) Just wanted to say
how happy i was with the entire experience. Top class service and I would
recommend this to anyone even if they didn’t want to buy mizuno clubs
because the gadget will get you the right shaft specs for your irons.

lonestargun says:

I believe this helps those who have a consistent swing temp like Luke. Most
hacks want to kill the ball and of course the shaft is going to be
different than those with a consistent swing

nospamful says:

This technology is great for joe average who hits mostly on weekends. We
don’t have time (and money) to keep trying different shafts. Not sure why
they don’t have 2 6-iron heads so we can compare shafts quickly and go back
and forth without having to unscrew and rescrew heads. If the forging
process is reliable the heads would feel exactly the same. Thanks!

MrTruthhurts777 says:

I believe thistechnology works. Last year I got DNA fitted for JPX 800
irons. The shaft recommended was the Dynalite Gold XP R300 and since I got
these irons my scoring is so much better. Distance with these irons is
amazing. Hitting the pitching wedge around 145 to 150 yds in summer and the
4 iron over 210 yds with just a good full turn and solid swing. Certainly
has helped my game a lot and so would recommend a fitting from Mizuno.

mizunogolfeurope says:

As Luke says – he’s had years of trial and error to nail down his
preference for Dynamic Gold S300. Video isn’t about Luke changing shafts –
we were just showing him how we fit for amateur golfers that don’t have
years to figure it out (or a swing that repeats quite as well).

srv29 says:

“I think that’s a cool gadget and will be helpful for a lot of people”….
“except for me cause I’m the man and I’m #1” But, seriously, he is the man.

mcgman257 says:

luke doesnt give a shit what the other guy is telling him

CaribSurfKing1 says:

S300 parallel and S300 taper have different step patterns and tip points
e.g. S300 parallel is tipped alot closer to the hosel and in my opinion
plays alot tip stiffer than taper. I hit S300 parallel and cannot hit taper
as straight ( MP 11 ). However I cannot hit X100 taper as well ( too low,
MP 37 ) as the butt diameter is wider and alot stiffer. Glad you now have a
machine that has taken me a decade and a lot of money to figure out! Thanks

David Schultz says:

hm…i thought trackman didn’t like divots.

lonestargun says:

Not a fan of the changeable loft drivers that ate coming out bc you when
you improve then you have to change it again. But def believe finding the
right shaft will help tremendously

Adam Hubbard says:

As a club fitter this is great nice to see videos of pros getting fit would
love to see the trackman numbers as well you should post more videos of
pros getting fit.

itubeutude says:

When’s my personal mizuno fitting?

notdrivingaminimetro says:

just recently been DNA fitted with MP63s, Rifle 5.5 shafts, standard length
and lofts and 2 degree toe lies

Bern Fernius says:

gained a lot of respect for Luke after this

Dissco Burr says:

Luke kinda has the “Whatevs” vibe going on in this video. He seems pretty

LBGOLF says:

Looking forward to purchasing some new irons (possibly mp64) in a few
months – Can regional fitters test which shafts (and grip hopefully) I
would need? And if so any in the Sheffield, United Kingdom area ? Cheers

66ott7 says:

whats the difference between the dynamic gold “tour issue” than the
standard dynamic golds off the rack?

justincase49 says:

Can someone tell me how many major’s luke’s won? I’m looking all over the
internet and can’t find a single one.

Grant says:

His swing is so smooth…

DrMeh3 says:

Luke is pretty cocky lmao

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