Mizuno Grain Flow Forging: Factory Tour

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R&D's Chris Voshall gives a tour round Mizuno's exclusive Forging plant in Hiroshima Japan – to show why Mizuno Grain Flow Forged irons are renowned for their precise distance control and soft, solid feel.


Thamac15 says:

I’m in the market for some new forged irons. I currently have Titleist
forged irons and they are amazing! I have only had McGregor and Titleist
irons. I’m wanting to try out other brands before I buy again since I keep
irons for over a decade at a time and I want to see if there are any other
brands that fit me better as a player. How do the Mizuno forged irons
compare to the Titleist? Thank you for your time.

mizunogolfeurope says:

Thanks for all the comments. Hope this puts the forged irons you play in a
different light.

RDWRER4 says:

Mizuno’s H4 irons dropped my index 4 points in the last 18mo. I love
Mizuno products and how everything they make is top of the line. Keep up
the great work!!! 

David Oh says:

How do they make the bars of steel? They melt the steel and cast it. The
original material is cast is it not?

mizunogolfeurope says:

Mizuno won’t chase players at any level. Whether top amateurs or
professionals Mizuno is more likely to deal with players who already play
its equipment. Other brands have an increasingly aggressive approach – so
there are fewer players to go around. Although there is still a very
strong following of Mizuno equipment amongst top amateurs.

penprick says:

I was fitted and now own a set of MP-H4 3-PW irons (Jun ’14); the first set
of pro irons I’ve ever had. My old set of Taylormade Burner Plus 4-PW
didn’t conform to the new USGA groove specs. My game wasn’t getting better
and I decided it was time for a change. The first hits of my MPs on the
range told me I had something special like nothing ever before. When I
played them, I realized several things; the forgiving & hot-faced TM’s had
caused me to become lazy. So right off with the MPs, I was not generating
enough clubhead speed to equal my TM iron distances (8-iron: 155-160 yds).
I hit balls until I figured this out. Choking down a bit and rotating
faster did the trick. I am working up to and almost back to where I was
with the TMs. Now I am starting to feel how I can work the ball where with
the TMs it would not be so easy. The MP-H4s are well made, feel solid and
have literally made me a better player. I play to a 2.5 Hdcp and these
clubs in time will get me on down a notch or two. I’m sure it will take me
a season to really dial them in, but already after just 4 rounds, I am sold
on the quality of these irons. Coincidentally, the swing adjustments that
forced my iron swing-speed up have also improved my distance on the driver,
3-met & 3-brid. The pro fitting of the irons helped I’m sure. I appreciate
what the Mizuno company has offered golfers and I am sure to be playing
their clubs for a very long time.

Radim Strachota says:

I have mp64 they are best clubs ever:) before I had titleist ap2 great
clubs too but mizuno

samuel snyder says:

Mizuno…it’s a winner thing! Two thumbs way up Mizuno!

Juan Rodriguez says:

Miura clubs are better

majorsmythe1 says:

PING Baby. If Mizunos so good, how come almost no players use them on PGA?.
I went to a top amateur tourney, no Mizunos, Not one set and I checked all.
So dont give me the “we dont pay execuse”!!!. Fact is all the top brands
PING/Titleist/Taylormade,,,,all the same!.

James Bradbury-Willis says:


John Locke says:

That is not drop forging it is stamping.

TheArfdog says:

This is not stamping. Did you see the shape of the billet, then the shape
after that 3x pounding? Stamping mostly refers to shaping of sheet metal.
You don’t alter the grain density with stamping.

Mark Gillespie says:

I love mizuno!

Mark Gray says:

1025 is carbon low carbon steel. thats about as plain as you can get.

BransonBrennan says:

Starting to really appreciate forged clubs

rabbitmanish says:

Gorgeous video

mackyxl says:

a lot of pride in that manufacturing process.

Mububban23 says:

You guys sure do know how to make a good product video. Chris Voshall is
always great to listen to.

TeaTheLeaf says:

I didn’t think porn was allowed on Youtube.

mizunogolfeurope says:

It would be ‘milling’ when you talk of metal being ‘sculpted’.

Nicosh1471 says:

Getting fitted for my first set of mizuno’s.. I. Cannot. Wait!

westonp80 says:

I thought forged steel was simply a solid piece of metal that is cut
(forged) to the final shape, not “stamped” or “pounded” into shape? Like a
sculptor would chisel marble into to a sculpture…?

TheArfdog says:

And conversely forging marble wouldn’t work because you’d just be breaking
up the crystal lattice. It’s not very malleable. Forging is done on
malleable materials as a stronger but usually more costly alternative to
casting and milling.

Ed Jenks says:

You should make Chris his own YouTube channel where we can just talk about
every golf club and how it’s made and it’s features and comparing them,
just for ages

edmund kim says:

Feels like forging samurai swords.

TheArfdog says:

mild steel with a very low carbon content = mild carbon steel or mild
steel, or very low carbon steel.

simonboost says:

mate I don’t think its wise to question the japs on forging. its their art

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