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Talmadge Fisher says:

Which do you like more between the mizuno jpg 850 and the mizuno mp 25?

Mark Hansen says:

I just ordered a set of the JPX850 forged irons. I am now playing MP68's which are getting a little long in the tooth (So am I). I wanted a forged head that offered some forgiveness. The reduced price incentivized me to take the plunge. 🙂 I'll let you know how it works out.

Josh Martins says:

Just grabbed a new set for $400 U.S. !

charly yoo says:

One year later and now the newer JPX 900s. Visually I still find the 850s more appealing. The great thing now is the price drop off about $300. I loved these irons a year ago and really love them now the price point is within reason.

VWRabbit2008 says:

Not a bad staaaaaaaa…

omeradhia says:

How is this compared to the MP-25 ? Play to a 15 handicap and decent ball striker (hit 7-8 GIRs per round). Debating b/w the two.

Eric Tessmer says:

Thanks Rick! I got fitted today for these clubs…….beautiful club love the feel.

Nick Barone says:

Debating cobra forged tec vs 850 forged vs fly z + , any input ?

Beta Vulgaris says:

I don't like the 'handicap' guide when referring to irons. We don't really hear about handicaps coming into play with drivers and certainly not putters, so why with irons? I know they are the hardest clubs to hit consistently, but to presume someone who is off 18 needs a more forgiving iron isn't strictly always correct.

You see around the golf course all the time, blokes who are decent with irons and are absolutely woeful at putting. Or blokes who shank every drive banana shaped right, only getting it out to 100 yards and having to make up the distance with badly hit hybrids or (adjacent) fairway woods. Some blokes strike it fine but suck at distance control or course management where they just go 'oh that looks about a 9' and actually it was a club too much, which can then cause a chip shot which is also misjudged for distance and all of a sudden they 2 putt for a 6 on what should have been an easy par.. Plenty of variables in handicaps rather than just how well you strike it.

I strike my irons ok, it's my driving and putting that are dreadful. I can even hit longer irons sweetly 90% of the time but absolutely suck with my hybrid/fairway woods and driver. Putting can be good or woeful depending on the day.

Just yesterday, i did the front 18 in 99 and 19-27 in 41. Difference? 2 + 3 putting and awful driving on the front 18.

loopba says:

these are really a revolution. Great feel and extra power

SomeRandom says:

Great review, thanks

Paul K says:

Rick teach me how to hit that beautiful draw!

Steven Shaw says:

Peter finch in the background!

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