Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons Review

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The Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons offer versatility and speed in a forged iron construction.

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Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews tests the latest Mizuno Golf Irons. The JPX919 Forged offers a trace of the boron element to allow for greater possiblities inside the iron head.

After visiting Mizuno Japan, Alex Etches was able to witness the production of the JPX919 range in May when visiting the Forging Factory in Hiroshima.

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Tanner Croom says:

Play against peter finch and rick shiels

Gomeszz says:

Just for those wondering about the loft, with the new forging process they have actually weakened the lofts by a degree but managed to keep the distance of the 900

Juno C says:

Could you be able to rate the golf club? Like 0-5points or some kind of measurement that viewers can easily understand where the club sits in each category- look, feel, performance and likely to purchase etc… thanks.

Golf Buddy says:

MyGolfSpy called you fat? RUDE!

Adam Flynn says:

What's better than reviewing 1 set of mizuno irons?
Reviewing 3 sets of course?
Mizuno just make the best irons… Sorry haters but it's a fact.
In a recent pga tour survey more than 30% of tour pro's said if they didn't have a playing contract they would use mizuno and that was almost 20% more votes than the irons ™ that came 2nd. ?

Joshua Hupfeld says:

Hey alex are you going to review the ping i210s?

Scott Blankenbaker says:

Great video alex I may be done looking for my new set of clubs mizuno is looking like it may be in the bag for the next club selection.

tony penny says:

Much better reviews now and i allways love your not trying to sell them just reviewing them but they do look nice makes me want them.

Rob C says:

Love the factory footage, including the boardroom. Getting to meet Mr. Mizuno and sitting next to Tony Covey…You have arrived Alex. Oh yeah the irons are sweet!!

Martin Dawson says:

Another helping of JPX919 please sir?..You want more!! Oh yes…we do..?

randy underwood says:

i missed it….are the lofts the same as the hotmetal? and these did't seem to stop the same as your hotmetal review on the course. interesting

Michael Pasvantis says:

Much love to Paul, does he get hazard pay for trying to track down those shots?! The factory footage was fantastic, so jealous. Keep up the good work mate!

Robert Tudor says:

you should have played the par 3 4th !!!

Phil McIver says:

When I watch anything on YouTube to do with Mizuno Irons, I get sensations down below that make me feel like I’m cheating on the wife.

matthewua1 says:

Great review keep them coming!

Keep It In The Fairway says:

I just started deadlifting a truck. but you went to deadlift the world?

Grady Newby says:

Just bought the jpx900 forged. Should have waited?

burnsie111 says:

More content please

chillywilly3610 says:

What flex do you use on your irons? X?

John Q says:

I called the number and a nice lady answered. She said she was your Mom and you weren't allowed to come out and play,

Matt Leader says:

He’s back ,,

Ze A says:

Great review! Greetings from Portugal!

Golf Buddy says:

Any better than the 900 forged?

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