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How did they feel?

Paul Allen says:

I have tested a set of these and buying the Tour in the PW-7i and the Forged in the 6i-4i. How would you fix the gapping issue? I am thinking of making the Tour 7i 1 degree stronger just to bridge the gap but interested in what your thoughts are? Cheers!

My GT350R says:

Would be interesting to see the 919 tour in modern loft option which is available now. I’d also like to see 900 vs 919. Thanks and nice review.

Station 2Station says:

You need to hit them at normal speed so we can hear the sound. That’s critical. Better players are wanting to hear what they sound like when you hit them. Not music at double-speed. And maybe take them out on the course and give us a playing review? Spin off a mat is really nothing.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Like the video and the new format. Would like to maybe get some of your feedback on sound and feel on a few shots then fast forward through the rest of the swings. Overall very good though, keep up the good work!

Tiger Combs says:

I don't like the looks of it as much as the other two but honestly I feel the hot metal is the best performing one out of the bunch. Unlike other "distance irons" you still get good spin numbers with it, you were spinning it within a few hundred revs of the Tour version which is nothing. So you're basically getting the same spin numbers with a higher launch and more distance.

Sgt Pepper says:

Loving the forged..prob put a hotmetal 4 iron in for off the tee..?⛳

mike drake says:

Really nice review !!! I like your new logo on your intro into your videos very sharp !!!!

Bandit Baker says:

These three new Mizuno Irons look stunning!

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