Mizuno JPX EZ Driver

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Mizuno JPX EZ Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru with Mizuno golf's Chris Voshall. Mark hits the new Mizuno driver from the JPX EZ range and talks about the looks, feel and the distance the club can hit measured by GC2 HMT. Hit more fairways with the best drivers in the game for your best golf and lower scores.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru hits the mizuno JPX EZ driver with Mizuno
golf’s Chris Voshall. 

Jonbek says:

That shaft is too light for The Crossfield

Mark Crossfield says:

Mizuno JPX driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

Connor Old says:

The Mizuno JPX EZ Driver is one that i have put on my list for drivers that
i like and want to get. It is very forgiving no matter where i hit it on
the face. It is absolutely fantastic!

jbss7382 says:

I just bought one, got a free hybrid 4wood too, the driver on carry on the
range at The Family Golf Centre in Norwich; i got 250 yards carry. For a
high handicapper 25-28, i think thats great! And i NOW hit it so straight
off the tee.Mega!!

Dennis Ferm says:

Thanks for your review. I got this driver a month ago. Distance is about
the same as my Launcher 290, Very forgiving. Low spin. Nice

gbvoul says:

Chris the face of Mizuno

3rdgroove says:

Let’s see you do the off centre strike test…

Glenn Spencer says:

This isnt the first Mizuno with changability. What about the MP600 form
about 2008 that is eerily similar to the TM SLDR? changable weights!

Anders Tuomivaara says:

Hi Mark. Great review as always! You say it is a stiff shaft, but which
shaft? Same question for the reviews of the JPX EZ hybrid and 3-wood.

jerlogcol says:

Ez or g25

BANDANA960 says:

what shaft is in the driver out of curiosity???

Brad Minard says:

Bought 1 of these and used it for the time on the weekend. What can I say?
great driver.

milhosen milhosen says:

just bought the JPX EZ driver love it

Kris says:

Will Mark change from hes Nike to this? I dont think so, but would like to
get hes opinion.

Matthew McIlroy says:

Your profile picture made this comment hilarious !

vassilis01 says:

no. your bad shots are worse and your good shots are better with blades.

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

That club SOUNDS amazing

Anthony C says:

Hey Mark, ask Chris why Mizuno hates lefties.

Andrew C. says:

I am an intermediate player in the market for irons. I have hit the new
mizuno mp4s, H4, 54, JPX, and 64. The mp4s are the best feeling clubs I
have ever hit when struck well. It it foolish to think that these clubs
might be easier for me to hit than the others. It is dumb to think that
these irons might offer me more feedback and make me better in the long run
if I am willing to hit the range 3-4 days per week? Are blades just for

Golf Buddy says:

Copy of ping g25

Rasmus Helenius says:

Not just lefties… also gingers

fukface dickfce says:

Great vid!

Mahavishnu80 says:

you should have a seperate mizuno channel. mizuno tv or something.

EasyOut87 says:

What shaft mark.

najiba mn says:

Please compare this with XHOT!!

Gustaf Siden says:

Nice sounding driver but I am yet to try it, sorry folks BT the TM R9 is
still my number one for

SuperMozzman says:

No such thing as an easy to hit driver, unless you are comparing a 460cc
titanium monster with Hogan’s 1950 persimmon. Nice looking club though.

Wesley Snipes says:

Get ad blocker bro, if you use google chrome just search for it. Its free
and it gets rid of every ad on youtube.

mbuck91z says:

is chris single?

Robert Hodgson says:

What shoes does Chris have?

Dowdy99 says:

Was watching it on my phone…

Dowdy99 says:

I spent longer watching the ad than the video

Thom Gill says:

I have seen Chris Voshall doing club fittings for Luke Donald! Huge scalp
for Mark to get this meeting well done mate.

tigerbalm says:

I’ve always wondered why Miz never made a great driver or woods???

Johan Danielsson says:

Anyone know what those smaller bags they store golfballs in are called?
Dont know what to search for

MaaziahOG says:

don’t forget to subscribe! Mark provides very enjoyable content along with
everyone’s favorite series such as Course Playing lessons!

mcdijnh2 says:

Looks very similar to the Ping G25.

Mark Rice says:

At least, here in North America!… I’m guessing ‘shag bag’ might have a
very different connotation in The UK.!…lol…

Michael L. says:

People get the wrong message when they hear “easy to hit.” It’s more like
“fewer consequences for poorly struck balls.” It’s your swing that makes
clubs “easy to hit.”

mick mueller says:

Could you imagine Mark say, hey this driver is crap.

michael jirgensons says:

Andrew C, I had the same issue. Loved the blades but was REFUSED the
opportunity to purchase as I was not a single digit hc!

Gustaf Siden says:

For feel and sound, bit high perhaps.

furryikleewok says:

Would you swap it for you’re nike covert though mark? You can tell us now
Chris isn’t stood next to you haha

Greg Harding says:

Loving your commentary. Believable, knowledgable and honest. Thanks.

DrSlinkyWW says:

Chris Voshall??? What’s he doing in a Mark Crossfield vid? WORLDS

bardy1334 says:

does it come in lefty

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