Mizuno JPX EZ Forged Irons

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Mizuno JPX EZ Forged Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the MIzuno JPX EZ Forged irons from Mizuno golf and talks about the new look for the forged JPX offering. Will the new JPX EZ Forged irons prove as popular as the old 825 pros and their more traditional chrome finish.



Mark Crossfield says:

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged irons is this the answer to lower scores. 

LaugherOne says:

Hi Mark, I hit the JPX 850, the H5, and the EZ Forged on the monitor. The
EZ was by far the most forgiving on mishits. All 3 felt soft, but a mishit
on the 850 or the H5 lost considerable height and distance. The EZ feels
and sounds terrific. Traded in my 714 AP1s for a set of EZ Forged.

tillsy23 says:

I’m considering replacing my current regular flex taylormade speed blades
with a set of these in stiff flex as my instructor suggests moving up to a
stiff flex now because my 6 iron swing speed is at 90mph just so confused
as to what would work best on average. Is a forged club worth the extra

Stephen Claiborne says:

This is my 1st offering for Mizuno coming from Ping i20 irons which were
nice. Basically I hit these irons more consistently than the Pings. So far
very impressed and having more fun on the course. Shooting lower scores. I
like your club reviews and will continue to follow. Thanks for what you do!

Mike Regan says:

Just came over to Mizuno from Taylormade and this is my first run with
forged BUT having hit them I was sold almost immediately!! I gained about
1/2 a club over my TM which says a lot because those were 1 club longer
than my old Callaways! I look forward to getting used to these irons over
the summer and will put them to great use in my tourneys throughout the
year! I like the looks over the “traditional” forged irons because I like
the thicker, ever so slightly, top edge because it just gives me that
confidence that a miss hit will still go farther than a miss hit with a
true blade or traditional forged iron. I could be wrong but like they say,
“Golf is 90% mental and the other half is physical!”

Graham Stenning says:

Hi Mark, loving the videos. Got a DNA fitting at the weekend and they
advised the jpx pro with KBS stiff. What do you think between these and ez
forged? Is the ez the replacement model? 

proprioceptive44 says:

Yes Yes Yes two hits and i bought a set could not believe how good these
were; even with crappy range ball;, i could even work a little draw in
there and i never do that normally

Don .Karnes says:

Was looking to move on from the Razr X Tour model. Hit all of the
comparable usual suspects at the retailer, instantly loved these irons. My
1 index (me, 15) player buddy who was along for the trip, thought these
felt better than the MP4’s?! Dunno, can’t relate to that game. Just know
that I love the look, feel, forgiveness and playability combo. Thanks for
the review!

Paul Davis says:

Thanks for the review, as a first timer to Mizunos these are great. Lovely
feel and not as chunky as the EZ.
In the bag and going great for me.

radrichy says:

I hit this at a range before but i prefer my JPX 825 pro forged better
because its a little thinner and i hit it farther, but this are still nice

Logan Millar says:

Will be getting these irons before the season starts, can’t wait ! 

Shizz Sosa says:

Mark an EZ forged vs. 825 pro comparison seems like a must!

OxKoR says:

This or the Rocketbladez tour irons?

TheJustinsbaba06 says:

Hi Mark,love watching your videos. Do you tend to play a fade on all your
shots? That’s what it looks like to me

The Intermediate Golfer says:

Do a full review of the Tayloramde SLDR!!!!!!!!

Brett Honey says:

sticking with 825 pro’s!

ThePohster says:

vs. AP2?

Casey Floyd says:

Hey Mark, I love the videos. I am a 6 handicap looking for new irons, but
Im not sure i want to go with a forged iron. Im looking at the callaway
razr x tour, the wilson ci11, rocketbladez tour for cast. If i went forged,
i am looking at cobra amp cell pro, mizuno jpx 825 pro, titleist AP2 and
nike vr pro combo. Any thoughts or suggestions about which of these i
should get??

Keith B says:

This bums me out…is this what we get instead of the pro line? I’m really
enjoying the 825 pros, but was interested to see what they did this year. I
won’t judge until I hit, but wow this is a step in the wrong direction.

Brick Tamland says:

holy shit mark, 2/3 of a 100k subs!

Matthew Collins says:

loves his mizuno this fella, i do too to be fair. Save ur cash though and
buy a few years old model, difference is so small

La Don Silas says:

Hello Mark, I’m a beginner golfer and I watch your videos all the time and
they’re very helpful. I was looking into getting these clubs in the next
few weeks, I was wondering if these are a good choice for me. I hit them
yesterday and they feel amazing but still not sure.. thank you

Trev D says:

That has an ugly topline! Liking the 64s to be honest.

MiniBlueDragon says:

One that suits your personal swing characteristics. There’s no “good shaft”
suitable for everyone. Go get fit. 🙂

EastbayGolfer says:

I played JPX 800 Pros for 2 seasons after playing MP57s. I wanted the MP57
feel with a tad more forgiveness. To me, they did not feel like a forged
club at all. I now play Ping I20s and they feel softer than the JPX forged.

Justin Oney says:

Hi Mark, Considering a combo set of mp-54’s and either h4’s or the jpx ez
forged in long irons. Any opinions on which would be better for the longer
irons…ez forged or h4? Thanks.

DrugProwlingWolf says:

I quite like the idea of these clubs, but not having bought a new set since
the 90s, I’m confused (and slightly disturbed) by the general move away
from providing full sets 3-SW amongst nearly all manufacturers. How do you
fill out a full set of these, making sure they match?

Graeme Jones says:

Cheers for that Mark I’ll stick with my JPX 800 Pro’s then

goomy worms says:

Different clubs won’t get your handicap down mate @themadman39

Judge Smails says:

My eye tells me this is a close cousin to the Adams CB3… shape, finish,
offset, etc. For that look, I would rather buy the Adams and keep $300 in
my pocket. In my mind, Mizuno = chrome. I’ll keep my JPX825’s… not even
curious about these.

NikHubbardGolf says:

Check out the golf videos on my channel! tell me what you think

James Hayes says:

no put a good shaft in the driver

MrVince1976 says:

This looks more like a bridge between Mizuno JPX825 and Ping G25

brendon abel says:

how often should you replace a ball? will it hold up to the same
play-ability without scuffs or marks through 5 rounds or 5 holes?

helitroutguy says:

Keith Bishop..with the release of the new mp54’s I could easily step away
from the jpx line. I feel like Mizuno is trying to pull in new players with
this line. As apposed to the current customer they have.

Joe Schueller says:

Just got my 825 Pro’s, and these don’t appeal to me at all. I think Mizuno
made a branding these “EZ,” and while the finish is interesting, the orange
and bold badging is not. When I tire of the 825 Pro’s, I’ll be looking at
MP54’s for sure.

Adam Stephanson says:

I say it’s a perfect beginner’s iron- a good amount of help, but has that
all-important feedback you get from a forging. I’ve improved SO MUCH FASTER
since getting MP53s and other forged single irons from Mizuno, even though
I shoot in the 90s still- the pure feeling on contact is SO good that it
renders you unsatisfied with even the slightest of mishits, despite how
forgiving they can be. Really makes you focus and try harder to give it a
good strike.

ChesterGash says:

what is a good shaft to have?

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