Mizuno JPX EZ Irons

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Mizuno JPX EZ Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new power irons from Mizuno golf and talks about who might enjoy these golf irons and what they could do for your golf game. The Mizuno JPX range has been going for a few years now and have enjoyed a lot of success with golfers from around the world of all handicap levels. The new EZ JPX irons have undergone a colour change and a very small cosmitic change. See if the new irons would look and feel great in your golf bag with another Mark Crossfield golf equipment review. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your golf swing.



1PsTaN1 says:

Mark … I know you have these in play. Any idea when Mizuno will have a
left handed option? 

Benny Tsui says:

How come reviews doesn’t talk about the grind on each iron on this set?

Mark Crossfield says:

Mizuno JPX EZ irons reciewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. JPX POWWR made

Wayne Swisher says:

Thanks for the review how is the forged set. Should we be fit on these JPX
EZ irons or buy right off the shelf

1911CoLt45gov says:

Mark why did you choose the JPX Ez for your bag say over AP1 or even Ping,
any big reasons or just looks? 

klarkus says:

Planning on getting these for spring/summer 2014. Can’t wait! Not that I
don’t enjoy my current MX 20’s lol.

Tim Dixon says:

Hi Mark, How is the finish on your JPX EZ going now you have used them for
a few months? Are they showing signs of wear, scratches, etc. how do the
looks compare to a normal st.stl polished finish?

BowersMovies says:

I hit these clubs today and they feel great!

Eval Hell says:

Looks like Mizuno have ripped off Ping G25’s

iindieRAAV3 says:

Hi Mark, please could you review the Mizuno EZ forged and compare it to the
regular ones? Thanks 🙂

varment01 says:

G15 Much!!

Kris says:

They dont look like Mizunos at all. Personally i prefer JPX 825 any day.
Much better looking and i belive they are better too.

TheSnuggleupagus says:

The loft would be 12 degrees stronger hahahaha

Trey Brandt says:

Or Callaway

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

Good thing it doesn’t..

Kevin Bradford says:

How does the gunmetal finish perform durability wise over a chrome /
brushed metal finish?

blakerh says:

I have the JPX 825. These are just so ugly. I don’t think they are any
better than the 825s.

qanthonygb says:

somthing tells me if these where taylormades he attitude to these clubs
would be different

Louis DeSantis says:

Couple you please compare numbers of JPX EZ and MZ H4?

74customCrew says:

No golf fix this week? Oh well. Thank you, Mark, for helping all of us out
there struggling with this game. May the fairways all roll out for you and
the greens be receptive!

Judge Smails says:

That JPX EZ 5i looks rather Pingish to my eye. I realize the toe shape is
quite different, but the finish, offset, etc. smack of Darth Karsten. Why
not just play the i25? If you are going to dance with the Devil, don’t bey
coy about it. Put on your best dress and dance!

helitroutguy says:

They are similar in appearance to the g15. I would choose these first.
Can’t wait to see if Mark bags the forged version.

jashton9 says:

Mark, are you currently gaming the JPX 825 or 825 Pro?

tawfeeqm says:

You now prefer chunky vs thin top line? True ball flight vs high and long?
You have pulled such a fast 180 which might have left your d stuck in your

grumpy2159 says:

it will be interesting to see the numbers between these and the 825’s & 54″s

Jared Frisbie says:

Try the forged!!

Fnfcnjdhjg says:

Y do u always buy new irons every three weeks why don’t you buy new woods
or hybrids

1badduc996 says:

That does not look like any mizuno i have ever played. I always buy mizuno
irons for what their known for. For me thats look, feel and feedback. These
have none of those. I dont have anything against these irons but you would
probably be better off buying a set from a different manufacturer that has
alot of experience making this style. Taylormade, Callaway, Ping etc. But
who knows, im no expert on gi irons.

Evan Ossman says:

Do you have any tips for me I am 2nd man varsity golfer and for the past
couple of weeks I have an extreme hook on basically all of my shots

Christian V Petersen says:

looks like a ping-iron 🙂

Bust776 says:

Looks like they are trying to compete with Ping G25’s. But I’m intrigued
possibly get a 4 iron for a straight long shot.

headond says:

don’t lift your head

failandprevail says:

I like Mizuno, but that’s hideous.

FellowPazzini23 says:

Not too keen on them really. I suspect if they were TaylorMade they
wouldn’t have got such a good review. Would like to see opinions on Adams
Vtech irons or cheaper clubs. Thanks.

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