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MIZUNO JPX TOUR 919 IRONS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield and Dan from Torquay GC. See what the guys though about the new 919 JPX irons and if they feel they could help you golf game or if they are only any good for low handicap golfers. When it comes to testing golf clubs and golf equipment make sure you test as close to the real course environment as possible to make sure you play all the shot you would with such a golf club. Just banging 6 irons down the range might not be the only way to test what you will do with a new set of golf clubs.


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Barry Mills says:

Great review guys. Stunning irons.

Dennis Häägg says:

Is it just me, or do they look a bit like Nike vapor pro?

iakona luki says:

Hi Mark, Today I just ordered a set 3-P with DG S300. I game MP18 blades and ordered these cause they look super good and offer a little forgiveness. My handicap is 8. Thanks for the reviews!

Christian Voshall says:

Scratch player who has always been traditional, but I am firmly a JPX guy now. First with the 900 Tours and now these. Feel is softer than 900 Tour and distance control is a bit tighter.

Scott Mensi says:

I have problems hitting 5 irons sometime even 6 irons consistently in bladed sets like this. Wouldn’t mind trying a combo with these at the short end. 8 hdcp


Mark .. pleeeeaaaase tell me that the JPX 900 / 919 are just versions of Nike Vapor pro irons .. LOOK AT THEM .. pleeeeaaassse

josh carpenter says:

I owned game improvement iron at 14 handicap with the thought I wasn’t good enough for players irons, hit the jpx tour 900 and then had my heart set on some mizuno s and purchased the mp18 blade type, getting a much better flight with no dodgey drop offs in spin I get out exactly what I put it. Now at a 8 handicap after gaming the mp18 for 1 year!

George Hinds says:

I am 15 Handicap. I think I would need a little more beef..

Brett Wiegman says:

Love it! I'm an 18hcp and would game those

Oogzie says:

Mark, I'm a 13 handicapper, and I would so play these clubs… Badly!!!
My handicap would go through the roof. Or would it?!? After watching one of your old vlogs explaining why it is more the length of the shot that suffers from miss hits rather than the left and right. I think maybe trying a combo set with the more bladed short irons for distance control, and the cavity backs / hybrids for the longer clubs might be the way to go.
Just have to save up my pennies, or hope that I'm at the top of Santa's good list!! ?⛳️?

BeachBow says:

Can't go wrong with Mizuno. Just wish I could afford them.

Louis Gersbach says:

Thanks for the review Mark. Always value your opinion on any new Mizunos considering your long (playing) history with the brand. Think I might just game these.

Dale Cleece says:

Hi Mark will you be testing the 919 forged and hot metal ? ?

Station 2Station says:

As a golf professional, I'd think the only thing keeping you from accepting an offer from Mizuno to tour their factory would be a funeral or a wedding (and maybe not even a wedding). Or birth of YOUR OWN child. (which we know wasn't the case).

Danny Hemingway says:

Tested these in a recent fitting but opted for a set of MP18 SC instead.

Same shaft produced a much higher ball flight with the JPX irons, the flight was more ‘popped’ and my eye just suits a flight that looks to go forward instead of up.

Interesting to hear both Mark and Dan comment on the high ball flight they were getting with some shots here, seemed they saw that as a good thing. Goes to show the importance of trying different clubs out.

Awesome look to the irons though. In fact probably suited my eye more than the set I ended up with.

In saying that, although the white satin finish has been tamed slightly since the 900 range, I personally much prefer the traditional chrome look in the MP range.

PeteC says:

Since Brooks Koepka won 3 majors with Mizuno JPX Tour irons, they needed to introduce an upgrade of these clubs! Partly because of the evolution and for marketing purpose of course as you said Mark.

Jan Olby says:

Who is Dan?

team zissou says:

loved the squirrel in the background of the last green.

Stephen Le coche says:

any improvement on the jpx 900 tour? currently gaming jpx 900 tour and love them, what would I gain if I gamed the 919 tour?

John Francis says:

I'm a 5 handicapper, looking to replace my somewhat knackered AP2s, definitely going to have a few shots with these

Brad Heaton says:

I had the JPX 900 Tour irons for a while last year, but found the long irons just a bit too challenging on my bad days. These are very pretty as well, but it sounds like the top line is even thinner on these than the previous model. I've since switched to a set of MP-25s that I'm more confident looking at behind the ball, and I now enjoy hitting my 4 and 5 irons again. Choosing irons you are confident looking down at is 90% of the battle.

Patrick Kelly says:

The JPX brand allowed mizuno the opportunity to release more modern looking clubs while still keeping to their roots in the MP range. Imagine if they released an MP that was black and orange like the JPX EZ that Mark used to use. People would of slammed them for it.

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