Mizuno JPX825 Irons

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Mizuno JPX825 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the latest iron from Mizuno's JPX range. The 825 offers a nice appearance along with HotMetal face for distance and high ball speeds. The JPX825 is the second JPX HotMetal golf club Mizuno have made and they look to push the range further in 2012/2013.

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Jeff S says:

i’m considering getting these clubs because of the forgiveness and hot
face, but i have a fast swing speed and concerned that these irons my give
me too much height. i’d appreciate any insight into this. thanks.

Liam Belk says:

Ordering these in the next few weeks – going to get custom fit so I know
i’ve got the right shaft etc. So excited. 

Logan Graybill says:

just ordered these irons and so excited to get them

itubeutude says:

nice slow-mo.

Clifton Francis says:

I love it.

steven salt says:

i have been playing for a year now. and i have had four sets of diffrent
clubs and never been fitted before. i went to get fitted i tryed the g25
the ap1 and the jpx825 i went with the jpx beleave it or not my first
choice was the g25 i can,t beleave i went with the jpx these are the best
clubs i have hit sound feel looks great thanks mark i would,nt of thought
about these clubs…… thx again got your app btw he he 🙂

644867885z says:

Do whatever works for you…Every player has their own style. You can try
the new grip but whatever feels best to you and gives you the most
confidence in your game will produce the best results on the course.

salsponger says:

Mark would love to see a comparison between the new JPX 825 Fairway woods
vs. the RBZ Fairway woods. Thanks!

Smoking Lens says:

Hey Mark Not sure if you respond to your comments anymore but gonna give it
a shot and hope that u do. Really like these mizuno jpx825 but they the
same price as taylor rocketballz here in SA. Please can you do a comparison
of the two…. lets get stuck in thanks

Mububban23 says:

Agreed, I had a budget set for my irons as a beginner golfer, and had
planned on buying the 2011 model, but bought the 2010 model for less than
half price. The money I saved went on a 3W and 3H 🙂

MDubRacing Wilkes says:

I love my taylormade burner plus irons. They cost about $300 at dicks. You
should check them out.

troy mcvey says:

I love these clubs

josh gowland says:

What’s the difference between these and the pro’s? Also love the video’s

steven salt says:

i also went with the Mizuno MP T4 Wedge forgot to say

brettmono says:

thanks for this video. I was just recently in the USA and decided to update
my irons after having a Golden Bear set from yrs and yrs ago. I went to a
Golfsmith shop up South Cali to give my desire of testing between the –
TaylorMade R11 -Titleist Ap2 -Callaway RazorX-Mizuno 825’s

L Dupree says:

Mark, brother, your videos are a huge service to any and all golfers out
there. Thanks for the work that you do and I look forward to all your
future videos. Quick question: In your intro, do you say, “Let’s get
stucken”? Sorry, I’m a yank who struggles with accents.

Always Be Shooting says:

If you like mizuno the jpx is the way to go. But every brand has this style
of club. I’m waiting for the jpx 825 to hit the stores and don’t mind
paying full retail. But with the season drawing down and the new models
coming in I recomend you go for the previous models because they slash the
price to move them out. That’s what I did to my first set. This will leave
you more cash for driver, fairway, hybrid, bag, etc. And make sure to get
to a shop and get fit for your clubs.

FreakiZ says:

stuck in. like diving into the video

amadan34 says:

this is what Mark now has in the bag.

rcdriver90 says:

@darrenterritt2 Take a look at josh broadaway on the PGA web.com tour he
plays crops grip and I don’t think it effects him at all.

pickles says:

“Let’s get stuck in” Open your ears brother.

bardy1334 says:

why dont they make the pros in left handed

Shane Howard says:

im 14 and have mowed hundreds if lawns to get 680 dollars whats the best
irons set for that amount or less.

brettmono says:

Was put into a simulated range with full sensor swing speed/ ball
diagnostics and the view of where the proposed ball was heading..

Scott Perkins says:

Mark, great vid as usual. I really like the new slo-mo you added to the
vids. Keep up the great work.

Ben Steele says:

Ok, as far as we know he plays MP-? irons and a Nike Driver, still gotta
figure out the rest of his bag

mcgroogtube says:


Brandon Even says:

How do these irons compare to the ping i20’s?

Scott Perkins says:

He also has a nike 3wood. If I remember correctly he stated that in the
Ping Anser Fairway wood video.

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