Mizuno JPX825 Pro Irons

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Mizuno JPX825 Pro Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA golf professional. Mark hits the 825 pro from Mizuno golf and talks about how it compares to last years model as well as the general performance. See what the 825 pro could do for your iron play with another Mark Crossfield review featuring new high speed footage to help show ball flight and club performance.

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Robert Biddle says:

Hey Mark… I’ve been playing Mizuno MP32’s for the last 5 years and have
loved them, but don’t get to play as much as I used to and therefore am not
able to stay at a talent level that is good enough to play the 32’s. My
handicap fluctuates anywhere from 9-14 throughout the year and I’m looking
for an iron that is easier to hit. I see so many other golfers that I play
with making poor strikes of the ball and not being penalized near as much
as I am because their perimeter weighted clubs give them much more
forgiveness. What I’m wondering… Will the JPX 825 Pro irons be a big
step up in forgiveness from my MP32 irons or should I look for something
even more forgiving? I certainly don’t want to invest time and money into
825 pros if they’re going to be as challenging to hit as the MP32s. Thanks
Mark. Love the videos!

Ian Donnelly says:

Hi Mark, thinking of changing to these irons or standard 825 JPX from my
current set of titleist 822OS, looking for higher launch so stop quicker on
greens with my draw shot shape 

VWRabbit2008 says:

Hey Mark, im currently gaming the jpx825. im a 10hc and looking to up my
game. ive been looking at the mp54 and the jpx825 pro. any suggestions on
which i should go with next? thanks

Theo Kuczarski says:

Just bought a set yesterday. Thanks for the video Mark!

Adam Wise says:

Hi Mark,

Love the channel by the way. I purchased a set of these last year to
upgrade from my 1970s Staff tour blade JP custom grind III’S that I
inherited from my father when I turned 16. I absolutely loved those clubs,
but it was time for an upgrade. I was looking for something with just a
smidgen more help but still a classic address view. However, I was
disappointed that the set did not include a 3 iron. Do you have any
suggestions concerning a Mizuno 3 iron that would flow with this set? I
really appreciate your videos as they have kept me in a golfing spirit
through this long winter. Keep the video coming.


brmadman4455 says:

Just bought me some MP53’s, couldn’t be happier, thank you Mark!!

failandprevail says:

I was choosing between the JPX 825 pro and Bridgestone J40 dual pocket
cavity. Went with the Bridgestone, they just had such a soft feel and were
more accurate for me.

dchivalric1 says:

I thought kbs was wacky and true temper or project x is better.

Eugene Kim says:

how does the jpx 825 pro compare to the nike vr_s forged?

cougar1234c says:

I’m very interested in what you have to say about the mp h4s mark…from
the pictures i’ve seen, the long irons do not sell me in the looks category

tictac2340 says:

Hi Mark, could you please do a review on the new Mizuno MP 4H long irons, i
am thinking of putting them in my bag, i have read they are very easy to
hit. Your input would be great . Cheers Tony T

MrFifapacks133 says:

love these irons!!!

technospaz says:

Mark, how do you think the JPX825 Pros fare against the MX-300s (which I’m
using now)? By the way, love your videos. Great reviews and tips! Thanks
for making golf (and golfing gear) so much more interesting 🙂

Alex Hooper says:

Mark – interested to hear your thoughts on the lack of a MP-53 direct
replacement. The MP-H4 review should be interesting.

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

True Temper FTW! I love my S-300s!

Brendan Allen says:

NIce camera Mark

Mickey Wong says:

loving the new high speed camera shots

jhaley12 says:

is it just me or is Mark pulling these shots? he looks to be because the
ball is traveling to the left of his feet but love everything you do Mark.

Inimitable Hill says:

I will seriously consider this when I go to purchase my new irons and vr
pro combo

salsponger says:

What about the JPX 825 ?

Peter B says:

Looks like hes aiming at the trees

Yigal Bloch says:

hey, since you use slowmo sequences (I LIKE ALOT) please do a video camera
review. compact, affordable and usefull highspeed recording (manual shutter
speed control, etc.)

BiTechxual says:

I see you’ve made a new addition with the slomo cam 😉 Nice!

tymack13 says:

why dont u play tour

ozsurfs says:

Just bought these and couldn’t be happier

Håkon Maurud says:

Hi Mark ! I got these irons, will it help to cranck the loft and soft step
the shafts to achieve more distance ?

n11xys says:

Surley If they are Grain Flow Forged they should all feel the same ,no
matter what the head shape?

Mark Rice says:

Also looking at the 825 Pros and the H4s… Love the forgiveness and
feeling of confidence of the H4 long irons.. short irons lovely and soft…
Wondering about overall forgiveness of the range of clubs… I’m a
mid-handicapper… Are the H4s too much club for me?

ekimpetse says:

Mark, I am currently playing titleist 755s. Would you say the 825 pros will
be considerably more forgiving and do you think they’ll feel as soft.
Additionally, I am considering putting together a blended bag but I am
finding it difficult to acquire the specific clubs I want because you’re
forced to buy a set. Any recommendations? Love your videos – best out
there! Mike from Chicago

schaffdaddy96 says:

this guy has got the best job ever

Graeme Jones says:

Hi Mark I have the 800Pro which I bought only 6 months ago I like the look
of the 825pro but think the Mrs would go mad if I purchased new clubs again
after only 6 months

themoosia says:

Hello Mark, Looking to pull the trigger on either the JPX pro or MP H4.
They seem to be targeting the same market. Any insights on a comparison
between the two? Cheers

Joe Morgan says:

I’m 15 years old and I shoot consistently in the 80s and I’m a pretty good
ball striker. I am currently looking for some new irons and I was looking
at these jpx pros and the adams idea cmb irons. I would love it if you
could compare the two irons. Thanks so much!

Mox_au says:

he answered that in the video……he said if he had the 800 pro he would
be upgrading to the 825 pro as they are an improvement in every area

callmecamo2 says:

Gave these a try this weekend. They are truly unbelievable. They will be in
my bag as soon as I get the cash saved up. I would not have known about
them if I hadn’t seen them here. Thanks Mark!

ricky donnelly says:

Hi Mark, nice review. How would the 825 pros compare to my current mx300s?
Seriously thinking about the switch now they’ve sorted the looks out.

mcdijnh2 says:

I tried these clubs out on a custom fitting/demo day at Moor End driving
range (Woodford) with a Mizuno rep. Thanks Roland and also the staff at
Nevada Bobs in Wilmslow! These clubs really feel, look and perform
brilliantly. Far superior to my 3 year old MX200s. The Mizuno guy suggested
a KBS stiff shaft based on my swing speed (the swing DNA does seem to
work). As part of the deal a free wedge is chucked in too! Just got to ask
the wife if I can spend £560 from the joint account………Nick

Joe Morgan says:

how would these compare to nike pro combos

TimChump says:

Bought a new camera mark… Could you do a comparison jpx 825 against

DrugProwlingWolf says:

I hit these and EZ Forged this morning. Much better look and feel from the
825 pro. EZ forged felt relatively dead off the face. Just have to put a
few more pennies in the jar and i’ll be getting a set.

Wish Ke says:

Guru, How about JPX 825 vs. Rocketbladez?

Steven Song says:

Hi Mark, I am contemplating in getting either a MP53 or JPX825 pro… would
you mind doing a comparison or advise which one would you go for? Currently
using Ping i15. Am thinking of switch to Mizuno irons. Just don’t know
which one to choose, I am mid handicapper.

harry hobbs says:

Mark would you say JPX825 or MP53?

Noise y0 says:

you should try and get/find some software that allows you too trace the
ball, like they do it on sky sports, i just thought it would be another
great addition to your advance of the technology that you use, like the
super slow-mo 🙂

Bryn Roberts says:

Yes just bought a set of these when i get them and get out will give you
more information. I was custom fit on these too.

Inimitable Hill says:

Those look nice. Is the top line and sole the same as the mp53.

massivesurfboard says:

Hi Mark. Just tried these, and was impressed. Big Mizuno fan and wanted
them to scream ‘buy me!’ Only problem was I tried the Adams CB3 at the same
time, and they outperformed the Mizunos: better distance, more forgiving,
and crucially softer feel. Have tried a lot of clubs in and around this
bracket, inc. Cobra AMP forged, Ping i20, and RAZR X tour, and the Adams
performed best of all of them. Know its a personal thing, but completely
won over by the Adams. Anyone else given them a go?

Greg Montalvo says:

Mark, I’m left handed and the 825 pros are not available for me. Would you
suggest the MP-53s or the MP-5’s. I was recently fitted for the MP-59’s but
did not get a chance to hit the MP-53’s. Can you say anything about the
distance comparisions between the two?

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