Mizuno JPX900 Driver

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Calamity Golf says:

"It goes a fraction high" put the loft down then

gary smith6 says:

This driver is so under rated my mate has one and it`s just awesome!!

fjant83 says:

Will you be doing a review of the fairway wood?

Greg Boggs says:

Don't like the big weight on the bottom, just like the TM R1. Otherwise it looks very good.

Ross Stenhouse says:

Just ordered this driver. The M1 has been kicked to the curb. 🙂

Just wish I could afford the fairway! That's me poor for a while now sadly. Lol.


Gareth Colhoun says:

Great video Mark – have you had a chance to play about with the weights yet?

TheJhaley12 says:

The only problem I have with Mizuno woods is the sound. Can't take that coke bottle sound.

DĂ­nero says:

Mark, this or the M1 ?

Brian Stratton says:

The Crown is beautiful, but that shift looks absolutely hideous!!!

GNet Vids says:

Please can you review fairway woods please Mark?

jerlogcol says:

This is the same distance as jpx ez and m2 for you, with a massive spin variance. Interesting.

colin tennant says:

beautiful looking club I wouldnt touch anything on the bottom after a fitting

Mark Wisniewski says:

Is there an optimal setup guide that reputable fitters are using to dial this club in? I can see a fitter not even wanting to bother with spending time dialing this club in as to what he sees on Trackman and simply move on to the next driver. I am liking what I see here and do appreciate all the adjustment if you can easily hone it in on launch monitor data.

Geoff Winn says:

Out of interest what gram and flex shaft is used in this test Mark? Also, what degree angle was the hostel set to, as you say it was launching high, but was it on 9 degree setting? Great to see Mizumo interacting also.

Jon Don says:

Does all this messing about with the weights affect the flex of the shaft? I'm guessing probably.. I'm going off this game, where's my 1992 Howson Hippo?

Paul Porter says:

Great review Mark, my Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal irons arrived today, so might be a while before I can convince the wife to let me buy another new driver!lol Merry Christmas to coach Lockey and yourself, love all the videos.

Lawrence Williams says:

very nice review, well timed…..but which did YOU enjoy more , this or the 2017 M1?

TheGulbisfan says:

261 Carry? No way! Lol, Mark's distances are soo dialed in.

scedab says:

great reviews, much better to see the clubs on course. Lovely looking club and I do like Mizuno clubs but I don't see this driver (or any driver) giving me anything I don't already get from my existing driver. If you have a semi optimised driver and 95mph clubhead speed you are never going to get more than 240 yards and your swing determines if it draws or fades.

Max VanNatter says:

Nice review – really is a great looking club. Not overly impressed with spin numbers

CanadasVeryOwn says:

What shaft did he use? I don't think it was X stiff..? Im guessing stiff flex

Sp3z says:

First time I'm watching this "new format", much better, more professional, great job! Really loving the off the tee testing instead of the range

Slicing It says:

I currently game a Nike Vapor Fly Pro in Blue. I went at lunch to hit this club today, oh man I am loving the paint job. Great Job Mizzy!!

LB says:

hey Mark glad to see u r doing club reviews again… I'm sorry was that to soon ?

David O Neill says:

+markcrossfield can we have an 850 v 900 test?

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