Mizuno JPX900 Forged Irons

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Fletchy says:

I want put a 3 and 2 iron in my bag. Which clubs do you like for 3 and 2 iron? I have mp5 4-PW

Ryan Brightman says:

I am moving from my mp-67's to these. I am finding my 6 iron spin rates are around 6200 with the amt x100 shaft. Lower ball flight than the mp's. I cant wait to get these from the factory!

Tyler Clark says:

Could you do a review of the JPX 900 Wood/Driver?

Matt Goin says:

Picked these up Tuesday. Played 9 holes on Tuesday. Shot 83,84,78 on Wednesday,Thursday , Friday. 78 was my lowest score ever. Really like the feels of these irons.

Mike Ferrari says:

Hi Mark. Enjoy your videos. I would love to see a review of the JPX 900 Hybrid!

Kasperi Sokka says:

Would love to see similar review on Wilson. Maybe v6 – f5 – c200?

thebestceramist says:

900 forged goes farther than hotmetal with less spin. Shies had same result.

Cody Magnusson says:

Callaway apex cf 16 vs jpx 900 forged. Please and thanks you.

sparko2012 says:

Mizuno have always bridged that gap with the MX range. a forged iron with a huge cavity!

onno00 says:

Great reviews as always. Any idea however why the JPX 900 forged is spinning less then the JPX900 Hot Metal irons in your review? Do you recon this was purely strike or do you think the Hot Metal iron actually spins more??
Looking forward to your answer.

Michael Baca says:

Mark, your spin was the lowest with the forged version. Would that have anything to do with shaft?
I'm torn between mp25 and 900 forged.

Jan Dekker says:

What's a 'player-looking club'?

My OpenMind says:

Nice reviews on all 3 sets in the mizuno JPX 900 range?

Paul Edwards says:

850 forged v 900 forged please Mark

Adam Flynn says:

i would like to see these and the 25's in comparison as 1 of them could be my xmas gift from me to me in the very near future (why wait till xmas if I'm buying them for myself? i will already know what i have got wont i ? santa )

Arnold Edmonds says:

How come your not with puma now

Jake Lindsay says:

Great review, Mark! Excited to see what you think of the 900 woods. It probably should be noted here that the 6 iron lost yet another degree of loft from the 850 in the never ending quest to produce more distance. Not sure why Mizuno felt the need to do it to a club that was already pretty strong. Nevertheless, I'll be gaming these in about a week, lol!

golfbuddy1969 says:

Footjoy hat???

saintcruzin says:

Great club but not enough difference for me to trade my 850 Forged….

Cazzaparrphysique says:

ooooh drone me up? #yesplease

Station 2Station says:

My only beef is the badge. Kinda chrome-plastic-cheesy. It detracts from the quality look and probably not necessary for feel in an already soft forged club. If it were my decision I may have stamped it in the forging process with the bird or model name.

patrik streng says:

Great video quality mate

Aero uk says:

How can you get fit for them and check the gaps when they only have a 6 iron most of the time?

stu says:

Will you be reviewing the Chromoly version?

don blem says:

Hi Mark. I'd love to see you compare the MP25 vs JPX 900 forged / 900 tour.

Vici Martynov says:

Not my sort of iron, I buy MPs too now, but again i am full of admiration for how Mizuno blends aesthetics with technology to produce fantastic classic clubs. These are a million miles from their old JPX chunky monkeys. Their irons really are way out in front now. Everybody else seems to have given up the chase and use easy ugly fixes to improve performance.

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